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2017 Relay engine rattle and re-map thoughts please

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Hello all,

I have a 2017 relay, 114k mikes, full main dealer history, it’s had speed limiter on it so not hammered, 1 owner etc and very nice condition 

the motor does sounds to have more of a rattle than my old 2007, appreciate it’s a totally different motor but it does sound “harsher” than my old van

it sounds like the valves need adjustment, but is this just the way the motor is…?

In did read in the reviews that the motor is harsh….but what are the thoughts…?

is this just the way they are…?

also I’m thinking of getting a re-map mainly for economy, but a bit more power would be nice, but I don’t want to cause any reliability issues.

anyone had there’s re-mapped…?

many thanks



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Welcome to the forum.

I can not help other than ask a Citroen dealer to listen to the engine to see what they think. Out of interest, which engine do you have ?

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