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Hi, I have just purchased a 2015 citreon berlingo van, i think that it had a sat nav at some stage of its life as there is a dashboard mount and power lead to the right of the driver, I would like to have this facility back in the van, I need some advice as to what sat nav system it would have been plus where could I purchase one from, I went to my local main dealer and they recommended the owners club. 

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If it is a dash board mount then it is likely to be an after market one such as a Tom Tom or Garmin. You could remove the mount and take it to somewhere like Halfords and see if it can be identified to see which sat nav fits. The other option is to just buy one that you like best at a price you are happy to pay. We have used a couple of Garmins on cars without a built in sat nav and they worked well enough with a mount that clipped them to the central air vents. The power lead was simply plugged into the nearby 12 volt socket. When not being used they were removed from the car.

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