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How to know if a remote modulation is ASK or FSK?

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Greetings from Spain.

My remote is almost dead, so I've decided to buy a new one for my C3 2006 1.4 HDI in Aliexpress. As you probably know, you have to choose one with the same type, electronics and specifications, and I know all of the original but the modulation. There are two types, ASK and FSK, and the info about how to determine which is in each case is somewhat confusing in the Internet... Many eBay and Aliexpress vendors state that the year determines the type of modulation, but the year range differs among them. Also I've read that some codes printed on the board could provide a clue...

For what it's worth, these are my remote specifications:

  • Type: CE0536 (ID46, PCF7961)
  • Buttons: 2
  • Frecuency: 434Mhz (I think "433" or "433,9" Mhz are also valid)
  • Blade: VA2
  • Modulation: ??

And this is the model I want to buy in Aliexpress:


All info will be greatly apreciated!





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I have no idea about the modulation. If it is just the case that needs replacing and the internal electrics are still working then I would only buy a case and put the existing electrics and key blade into the replacement case - I have done this a few times on Citroen cars. If the remote just needs a new battery then the car handbook says how to replace it.

Something to be aware of, a replacement will likely not work with the car immobiliser, the immobiliser chip will need to be removed from the old remote and put in the new one but if it is built into the circuit board I do not know how you would do that if the old circuit board is not put in the new remote. On a 2003 C3 we had, the immobiliser chip was a small black part that was separate to the circuit board and was put in the replacement case, as well as the circuit board.

If you want to guarantee a complete new remote, immobiliser, circuit board and key will work then it may need to be bought from a Citroen dealer using the car VIN.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for the quick response!

My old remote is dead and its case broken, so I need a new one. The 'problem' buying it from an official Citroen dealer is the cost, which in my country rounds 80-90€ (including code and sync). The alternative is to buy one in the parallel market and prepare it to work in your car. This is perfectly possible if the electronics of the remote are the same as the original: Type, number of buttons, chipset, transponder, radio frequency and modulation. China has long been manufacturing electronic boards identical to those in these remotes, and many customers are buying them to save money and get better quality units, like the one from Aliexpress I linked in the previous post (more durable, without the common problems of the retractile blade, and more beautiful).

I'm almost sure that my original remote is ASK modulated (ASK would be for Citroen/Peugeot cars before 2011, and FSK for cars after 2011, as many say), but if I'm mistaken about this, the new unit won't work and I'd wasting my money... I have, therefore, to secure the shot!


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