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My 2013 C5 has (what i believe is) an original key fob and a second after market key fob. Both work fine but when I switch between them I have to unlock the door physically with the key (the alarm goes off when I open the door but stops when I insert the key into the ignition) and start the car before the remote locking/ unlocking works on that fob. Once that is done that particular fob works fine. Should I then choose to use the other fob I have to go through the above rigmarole with it before it has full functionality, and the same again to switch back. It's like the car will only accept one at a time. 

Does anybody know what's going on and if there's a fix? 

Cheers, Andy

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If you look in the car handbook it should say how to replace the battery in the fob. This should include an initialisation procedure. I suspect you might need to do this on both fobs at the same time or open the car with one fob and initialise the other and see if they both work together without the rigmarole.

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