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Who's Is Your Citroen Dealer Where You Purchased And Have Your Car

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Thought id start a topic Who's Is Your Citroen Dealer where you purchased and have your car serviced.


To see if any of us uses the same dealer.


Mine is


Thomas & Davies Ltd Citroen

Pentrebach Road

Merthyr Tydfil

Mid Glamorgan

CF48 1YB

South Wales


Tel 01685 722773




Great Staff Very Friendly and Helpfull.


Sales Team

Greg Thomas (Sold me my past and this Citroen he always goes out of his way for me)

Jason Thomas

Danny Horrigan

Gary Horrigan

Steven Horrigan


After Sales Team

Jeff Picton Service Manager (Gets my car serviced and any jobs need doing as quick as possible)

Julian Thomas Workshop Manager

Phillipa Jones Bodyshop manager


Dealer Principal

Sharron Horrigan




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Independant Citroen Specialist

Centreville Garage

Chapman Street

Shields Road

Chillingham Industrial Estate

Heaton Junction

Newcastle upon Tyne



Tel : 0191 276 3730

Fax : 0191 265 9995


A fantastic group of citroen nuts who have worked with citroens for years as main dealer techs etc.

Usually about half the cost of official citroen dealers. Nothing these guys can't handle and very, very helpful and friendly.



Main dealer I use



Croxdale Citroen.

Croxdale Service Station Ltd.




County Durham



t: 01388 814671

f: 01388 810902

The parts manager is very good and service manager is the best I know of, when buying a part he often gives little snippets of advice on how to fit it, something that haynes/ service manuals often fail to tell you... Example Xantia clutch clip took me 20 minutes to fit after he explained how to do it properly......It took me three hours the time before and many bleeding fingers and knuckles!

Fitting a new fuel tank seal to a C5 he told me to get an extra pair of hands and run the tank virtually empty so the pump assembly wouldnt be as boyant. Now thats a gem of a bloke.

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Sounds like we both got good dealers Ronin

town center citroen

ferryboat lane




Only go when we cant sort it ourselves and for what ive had done find them very resonable. Cannot praise the parts department enough always the right parts first time good discount and free delivery along with good knowledge when you talk to them

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Just purchased my first citroen C5 2.2 hdi saloon. Purchased in warrington, cheshire from barclays franshised citroen dealer. Good response when i spotted a small scratch on bonnet and bumper. Repaired free of charge and very helpful. Kept me well informed. Any one know of a good garage for citroens in manchester?

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I have been using Barclays in Warrington for 5 years now and have been happy with them. All 4 of our Citroens were bought and serviced there. Items outside the service schedule such as brake cleaning I do myself.

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For servicing and fault location/fixing I use "Citroen Care" (Peter Boxall) at Rake, Hampshire (01730 894994). Excellent service at a reasonable price.


If you're lucky enough to own an old Citroen (Light 15, ID, DS etc) I recommend Chris Burton of Pear Tree Cottage, Kingsley, Hampshire (near Alton).

He's been fixing and rebuilding them for years but won't touch much after a BX!

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