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Can anyone tell me which relay is which. There are 7 behind the fuse box and more in the engine bay. The Haynes manual is no help with this. I am particularly looking for the rear fog light relay.






I'm afraid I can't answer your question as I was looking for the same info although my problem is slightly different. I managed to flood my car and engine driving through what turned out to be a very deep puddle. Luckily the engine was fine but I think there's still some water in the circuits. One of the relays under the steering wheel keeps clicking at a fairly high freq even when the ignition is off and the car is locked. There's also a wee red led under the clock which is flashing at the same freq, its usually on all the time. I've tried pulling each fuse but they keep going. Most annoying but it doesn't seem to affect anything else. If I can identify the circuit hopefully we can trace the fault. Any help much appreciated!


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