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Horn Not Working

Guest Alan2008

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Guest Alan2008



My horn does not work on my ZX, I checked the fuse and it had blown so I changed it, and the horn still does not work, when the horn is pressed you can hear a clicking noise coming from the fuse box in the engione bay, anyone know how I can fix this please?



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Guest Colin Hunter

Chances are that the horn(s) themselves are knackered. The clicking you can hear will be the relay. Get someone to press the button to see if you can find which one it is. It may be that it isn't making the circuit properly and not providing voltage to the horns. Give it a wiggle in its socket or take it out and make sure it's working properly. Cleaning up the terminals might cure it.


The horn(s) live in the front nearside wing area behind the headlamp/indicator. better access is afforded by removing the headlight and indicator. It's also possible (But tricky) to get at them from below.


Take off the feed wires to them and make sure you have power coming to them, get someone to press the button while putting a multi meter or test lamp between the terminals. If you have power then the horn(s) are faulty and should be replaced. There are loads on Ebay for very reasonable prices. Do a search for "Dual tone horn" and you'll find ones from £1.65! (Plus £6.75 p&p). You'll have to cut off the Citroen plugs and put on "Spade" connectors. If no power is coming to the terminals then it's probably a duff relay.


Cheers. Hope this helps. ;)

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