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Suspension Problem

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Help please!


Ive just got my first xm and the rear suspension is solid ie no suspension (the front is fine), it rises and falls with the hydractive system fine.


Does anyone know what is likely to be at fault here? as ive never worked on a car with this type of suspension before.



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You got your first XM? I recommend you sell it for scrap.


Electrics and suspensions are the biggest problems with this car.


Shocking reliability - rare sight nowadays.


Looks like the rear suspension spheres have gone. Expensive job - at least £600.


You never want to work with this type of suspension - its frighteningly complex.

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Yay! Time to get imaginative! Register it off-road and use it for racing! Strip the mother down! Anyone asks about the back? "Sports stiffened suspension!"




I said hey Ron, take a drive on the wild side!



(I know it's a ZX and not an XM, but it's the closest I could find.)

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sorry this is far too late but XM suspesion is not too complicated or very expensive to maintain I've done 112000 miles in 1998 2.0 16v a complete set spheres 7 in total £225 fitted.


Alot people are scared of citroen suspension and electrics which pleases me because it keeps s/h prices really low,a lot of car for your money.




Bon Voyage

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