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Lighter Problem?

Guest emy12

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Hi all. I am wander if the Lighter has to stay on all the time even when the engine is stopped .Mine is on and afraid that could drain out the battery (just bought new one)


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Thanks both of you for the answer. I mean the bulb is on all the time , it gets heated when i push it in, is normal. In fact i bought the lighter for Ebay, replaced the original one it was full of rust. Even the original one the bulb of the lighter was on all the time too. the ash tray bulb its on when the engine is on, is normal. I might disconnect the bulb from lighter or connect to the ash tray to be on only when the engine starts.

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That supposed to be as you said but tried to start the car, the battery is dead, this the second one. Had it for several months only, i ll try to recharge it . I use the car only once, twice in a month ( i ve the company one for daily basis ) and with the bulb on all the time i think is normal the way it is. I disconnected the bulb there is no use. The ash tray bulb does the job only when the lights are on.

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