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Clutch Zx 1.9td

Guest Joost

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The clutch on my ZX is gone. The cable had broken and after installing a new one I found that the clutch didn't work and makes a horrible grating noise when I press the pedal, accompanied by smoke coming out of the bellhousing.


Been trying to dismantle the clutch, taken off the front suspension on the gearbox side, driveshaft out, all wires and tubes out of the way etc.


On trying to take the bellhousing off I find it will only move about 20mm, then it won't go further. My suspicion is that the thrust bearing is somehow mangled into the pressure plate, when I move the clutch lever the whole bellhousing moves back onto the engine. If I try to pull the clutchlever further forward there is a springy resistance, an indication that it's attached to the pressureplate. I've been told by a friend who has a garage that the thrustbearing should just come out with the bellhousing but I can't get it to move.


Should I take the gearbox off, will that allow me access to the trouble area?

Or just force the bellhousing off, regardless of what it may do to the clutch, which is gone anyway. My worry here is that I might damage the lever mechanism or something else.


Also, my local parts supplier told me the ZX has a 'pullclutch'. I don't know what this means, mine looks like the normal push setup although there is an unused cable bracket on the forward side of the lever.


Anyone have experience with this type of problem? I'd sure appreciate some advice as I'd like to get the car back on the road asap.

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