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  2. If the car battery voltage is down it can be worth the effort to charge it up, should be about 12.7 volts fully charged before starting the engine. If you use a smart charger such as from Aldi/Lidl you would not need to disconnect the battery. If you have stop/start beware that the car batteries are expensive, about twice a normal one. On the C5 a few times the remote would not work to lock the doors and this was sorted by replacing its battery. It would happen whilst out on a cold day but had worked ok when leaving the house where it was warmer. Oddly the battery voltage was the same as
  3. Hi Paul. Thank you so much for the reply. Very much appreciated! Spare fob not working. It stopped too differently a good while back. The car is keyless ignition, so yeah, will need to check manual. This literally happened two days ago when been using the fob for about 2 years constantly so I dont think its what you suggested, BUT, I'll give it a try. Someone suggested on another thread it could be low battery voltage as they are a bit sensitive. battery reads 12.35V but the day after a 200 mile motorways rive, so thought it may have been around 12.6-12.8. It is over 5 years old
  4. Is the noise speed related or engine rpm related ? How many miles has the car done, when the timing belt was replaced were all the pulleys and water pump replaced ? What made you think it was the gearbox to want to change it and was the replacement new or reconditioned with new bearings ? When I have replaced gearbox bearings there was only a whine that increased with speed in top gear but no vibrations and one was that badly worn it jumped out of gear. Was the clutch and flywheel (DMF) replaced at the same time as the gearbox since a worn DMF can give vibrations felt in the car
  5. It looks as if the remote fob needs to be initialised to the car if you have not already done this. The procedure to do this will be in the handbook under remote battery replacement. When you replaced the remote battery did you follow the procedure, it will be something along the lines of put the key in the ignition, turn it so the dash lights up and immediately press and hold down the remote lock button for at least 10 seconds. Then you can turn the key further to start the engine, stop it, remove the key and then see if the remote works. If it does not work try a few times and if still not w
  6. Hi, did this solve your problem? I have a simialr issue, I think. thanks GEoff
  7. I've a 2017 grand C4 picasso 1.6HDI The key fob "nor detected" notice appears on the dash but I can start the car when it's in the slot. When using the fob to lock/unlock the car, the clunk noise sounds as if it was going to lock the car, but nothing happens and the mirrors don't fold/lights don';t flash. I can manually lock only the front doors with the key, the rear doors do not lock. The tailgate does not detect my foot to open/close the boot. I've changed the battery but no change, sadly. Can anyone help? thank you Geoff
  8. The diesel's loud rhythmic bearing like whine has been getting worse, the vibration can be felt under your feet. After a recent gearbox change it's still there. It starts 30 mph-ish & is worse around 45 mph, with more speed the cadence appears to quicken. Any ideas what the cause is?
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  10. If you have a code reader that does live data you could check if the accelerator pedal is doing this at the same position since there might be some wear in its electrics. Other than this you might need a full Citroen diagnostic to spot anything not right.
  11. Could be windscreen pillar lower trim https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334024761700?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338749392&toolid=20006&customid=GB_131090_334024761700.135533296458~1460414241004-g_EAIaIQobChMIu73iwMPx9wIVCJBoCR3G5gv_EAQYASABEgIgRPD_BwE If you try a Citroen dealer they will look up the part to make sure you get the right one.
  12. Hi all first post so I’m hoping it’s in the right place! Right then, I’ve had a few diesel berlingo Multispace but I came across a cheap 58 plate low mile petrol Multispace. It hadn’t much service so it was booked in for a belt, plugs, oil and a noisy pulley. It’s been running brilliant but over the last couple of week it has started hesitating at 3k revs in every gear. It will then carry on up the rev range normally!! The service was a while before the issue so I don’t think the plugs are at fault. There’s no warning lights or codes so before I start changing parts blindly I thought if
  13. Does anyone know wat this part is called so I can order 1,thanks
  14. Last week
  15. Brute force, I have cut discs off before when they have rusted onto a hub. When you have an angle grinder they get very little use but are a godsend when used.
  16. Karl val has sorted this, the earth on to the gearbox needed a clean, noted in a separate topic.
  17. Happy to see this is now sorted and did not turn out to be anything drastic. Thank you for posting.
  18. Thank you for the help and video, your a very nice guy, in the End I got the old angle grinder out, I went in a proximity 1'' cut it all the way around and the front of the disc, then it was off, On inspection both locking pins and clips were Off. also the adjustable cog was stuck solid so I released the hand brake cable so it to totally free then with a fair bit of effort I got it off, Thank God. Thanks again ( paul.h ).
  19. I’ve sorted it. Cleaned earth cable onto gearbox and all ok now.
  20. Thank you for the info, I've had the car since October and I never noticed the pedal travel till the mechanic took it to his place to do an oil + filters service, I'm a light user of brakes so have never been in a situation that's caused me panic, It's due it's ITV (mot) next month so was trying to sort it out, mechanic speaks good Spanish so I will get him to ask at Citroen about the bleeding,thank you for the information,appreciate the help,I'll report back here if it gets sorted..Ian.
  21. Have checked all fuses and the battery is connected and on 12.7 volts. Also the blowers, windows and wipers work without key in ignition.
  22. Have checked all fuses and the battery is connected and on 12.7 volts.
  23. Sounds as if the battery is not connected or a fuse has blown.
  24. Hi I have changed the clutch now I have no ignition lights and the car won’t start.
  25. Hi did you get it sorted I have exactly the same fault after clutch change.
  26. I had to do a search to find out that the hand brake has brake shoes inside the disc hub. There will be a wear/brake dust ridge inside the hub so it will need the shoes/hand brake cable adjusting so the shoes are at their minimum diameter to clear the ridge. I guess you already know how to back off the adjuster cog through the hub, if not this video shows it although initially the disc has been removed first which I would think is not necessary. If the cog is seized then maybe you might have to spray it with something like wd40 but this could mean replacing the shoes so brake cleaner might be
  27. I can not get my rear drivers side brake disc off to replace it, I had no issues with the passenger side, looks like the cog tensioner is not moving, all the bolts are out, it seam to be rubbing on the shoes and the disc is loos- ish it comes forward but looks like the shoes want to come out with, it I've been on it seven hours today, IT SEEM THIS SORT OF CRAP ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME! LOL. ANY IDEARS WOULD BE GREAT.
  28. If new to the C5 and hydraulic suspension, if going to jack the car up it should first be raised to max height and then the engine switched off. If not done suspension problems can occur. Also do not go under the car without using axle stands since if a height sensor is caught the car can drop to a very low level, quicker than you can get out of the way
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