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  2. You might be best to visit a Citroen dealer and get the parts department to look at the parts diagrams and see what is available.
  3. I posted these part numbers earlier (copied below) so I would look at the RPO number on your door pillar sticker and hope when they arrive they will fit your car. The parts filter - when the parts diagrams are looked at if the car VIN (the filter) is not used then all parts are listed to cover all the cars, not just ones for your VIN. ---------------------------------------------------------- The part numbers I found were, before RPO 10800, front left is 5202VN then from RPO 10801 is 5202YH. Front right 5202VP then becomes 5202YJ. 16 inch tyres are different numbers. Looking at pictu
  4. I got a message that the ordered dampers were ready for collection from my nearest dealership. I phoned the guy who originally ordered them and told him that I has seen one and it has the same problem, so no point my going to collect them. He told me he is at the Citroen parts warehouse in Hayes not the dealership so I cannot go there to see any dampers. So he looked again on his database and after a bit of going round in circles and finding the same part numbers again, he said he would take the filter off?? he then found a different part number that he said was for a later model of my se
  5. Hello, I’m wondering whether I could fit a factory-like armrest on the side of the driver’s seat. Is there any chance, that the seat already contain the mechanism, which the pilot seat-like armrest goes into? Do you know where I could get one? Is changing the whole seat the only chance to get an armrest or getting an aftermarket one? Thanks for your help in advance!
  6. I have a 2013 C4 Picasso Airdream Eco Platinum,a really nice car,I think,white,with black trims and roof. My alloy wheels have a smaller plastic wheel disc,which clips inside the main wheel,and locates on a small extrusion first,before pushing it in to lock on the clips. I couldn't get the cover to match up on this extrusion,so I snapped it off first. The cover then pushed in,and locked on the alloy wheel,and has stayed there,no problem!
  7. Last week
  8. If it ran ok a few months ago then maybe you just need to use it. The fuel might have gone off a bit so using it up and then refilling might help. It might also be a bit damp under the bonnet so the warmth of the garage might also help. Running for a few minutes will not charge up the battery, you would be better using a battery charger.
  9. The car had not been started for a few months, took a few turns to start. Drove it 200 yards and put on the trailer to take home. Struggling to start at home, took a few turns. Reversed it into the garage and left idle for around 5 or 6 minutes to charge battery a bit. Gave it a rev before turning off and it was misfiring and smoking. Removed plugs and all were black but dry. Help on misfire and smoke pkease
  10. First guess would be the timing is not right, possibly the belt has jumped or was not put on right but then the problem would have been there all the time. The belt tensioner might have a fault, this would normally be replaced at the same time as the belt. I would take the car back to the dealer and get them to check it, with a bit of luck they will pay for the belt and tensioner replacing again.
  11. Hello everyone, i own a 2016 Citroen C4 1.2 turbo automatic transmission. the car had timing belt replaced on January as part of recall. 71500km now since 74600km have engine light on & off sometimes also the service light comes on. OBD - says 0011 camshaft position over advanced. Tried changing oil and oil filter, also replaced VVT solenoid valve. Engine light came off for one day and then come back on. Any ideas what can be the problem? Thanks for any ideas and help :)
  12. The best thing would be to visit a Citroen dealer and using your car vin check the engine block part numbers. Is it just the block you need, I would think you also need new valves and maybe pistons if they have been damaged.
  13. My rods have bent on my 2016 c3 blue hdi I am trying to find out if all the engine blocks are the same from 2009 to 2017
  14. There is a Haynes workshop manual for the C1 to 2014, if this covers your car (you have not given any details of it) I would get a copy since it will show how to change the clutch. https://www.halfords.com/tools/garage-equipment/haynes-manuals/haynes-toyota-aygo-peugeot-107-and-citroen-c1-petrol-2005-2014-manual-283587.html?istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istFeedId=367c5610-f937-4c81-8609-f84582324cd6&istItemId=wptwqarmi&istBid=t&_$ja=tsid:|cid:11902546034|agid:113456751337|tid:pla-329093279464|crid:487900199209|nw:u|rnd:10621604411118170256|dvc:c|adp:|mt:|loc
  15. I am not sure but possibilities for this could include the turbo vanes sticking or the pressure sensor giving a wrong value. To test might need the boost pressure given by the sensor being checked with a pressure gauge mounted in the same place. I am not sure where the sensor might be but it could be a MAP sensor on the inlet manifold. If you find it see if it is blocked with oil. If your code reader gives live data see what pressure is being shown and how it changes as you accelerate and at what value the engine management light comes on.
  16. Thanks again Paul for good information and advice. From a man who has taken the bold choice to upgrade from the safe waters of no electronics BX"s(except distributor points) to Jet age microchips. Still "living in fear" of what else could go wrong! Peter K
  17. At the MOT the tester will look to see the abs dash light is working and the air bag one - comes on and then goes off on start up. Failing to do this is probably going to be a failure. I do not know why you would want to disable the abs and airbags though, they are there to save your/others lives. Spending the money to fix them is worth it unless you can replace the car for less. Your insurance would also need to know if you modify the car and if it is not up to MOT standard your insurance would not be valid. You could imagine if in a crash and the passenger air bag did not work, you might get
  18. Hi everyone. My daughters clutch is slipping on her c1 with mmt gearbox. Unfortunately she's blown all her student loan already which means it's dad to the rescue. I can't really afford to pay for a clutch fitting this close to Xmas so I've ordered the clutch kit and thinking of having a go myself, I. An engineer by trade. Is this worth taking on? Any links to videos or instructions would be a great help too. Thank you.
  19. Cheers Paul, I'm passing a main dealer today gonna pop in and ask the question see what they say.
  20. Got my Gendan yesterday and the fault code is P2565 - Turbo Charge Boost Control Position Sensor A Circuit High. It reset ok, but was back this morning.
  21. If you do not have a handbook, the oldest one available on the service.citroen site is 1/10/2007 but it may be good enough. In it for adjusting the time it says to press on the left hand button at the side of the clock to adjust the hours and the right button the minutes. For the date there are 2 alternative displays but both use menu buttons on the radio to make adjustments. On the radio, use the Menu button A then arrow buttons B and the middle button C as follows, To adjust the date and the time: Press button A. Use B to select the icon “Personalisation-Configuration” then confir
  22. HI there does anyone know how to reset the date and time on my C3 as above .i have tried but failed.thanks for it in advance.
  23. Hi all, i was wondering if its legal to disable this cars ABS system and AIRBAG system so that it runs as a traditional classic car in a more simplified way? Obviosly one would have to label the inside cabin to show passengers that it didnt meet modern standards. i believe early C3 cars didnt always have ABS? I may have read on a Govt. MOT standards page that this might be possible for at least ABS. petermorrisminor
  24. I do not know what might be the fault on your Xsara Picasso but have you recently removed the dash to change any failed bulbs ? If so you could remove it again and check if there is any damage to the connector pins. Are all of the dash lights staying on including ones meant to go off when the engine starts ? You might also look to see if there is an earthing fault. You could also check the rear lights since if one of the tail light bulbs has a fault it might cause the side light bulb on the dash to come on, similarly a brake light bulb fault might cause the dash brake light bulb to come o
  25. I have a 2003 Citroën piccaso 1.6 petrol. All my dash lights are on can anyone tell me what is causing this please
  26. Hi Paul Many thanks for that. Adjusted the shoes as per your reply, and managed to remove the console after some advice from our local dealer. Adjusted the handbrake lever to 4 notches. We now have a handbrake that works a treat. Thanks for the advice Paul. Mike E
  27. Thank you for the info, the fuse you found might be called a shunt fuse.
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