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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, yeah there are additional bumper/wing brackets and a headlamp to swap since the olds one plastic case is broke aswell but thats an easy fix, the brackets were the worrying part but my own mechanic told me he can get them and will install all the parts for like a 100£ so im considering myself lucky, all and all the parts come out to like 300£ still got 1400 for paint and additional bits and bobs that come up there. The main issue was the waiting time really.
  2. Hey guys, so i managed to run into a pole with like 5 mph and booped my girlfriends 2017 c1 3door i wanted to do it through body repair garage but they quoted around 2 grand and like a month or 2 of waiting time which is a tad bit ridiculous i found a decent wing same colour even same year as hers but its from a 5 door c1 question is whether there are any differences between the 3 door and 5 door version driver side wing/fender? Thanks in advance!
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