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  1. Dropped the steering wheel height that is,do you know what the wires are and which one it is that might cause this?
  2. I took all the casing off around the speedometer and ignition today, there is a bunch of wires bundled up that go into the back off the speedometer they split into 4 clips into the bottom left of the back of the speedometer, one of them is loose I push on them and its okay I let go and the car turns of so it definitely one off them, this all started bcos I dropped the wheel and them wires feel tight not much movement. Thanks for getting back mate
  3. Got an 11 plate c1 I love it. But its giving me problems all off a sudden, I'll be driving and all power goes, no lights on dash, until I drop the steering wheel and wiggle it and lock it back in place, obviously a connection problem loose wire, what part will the wire be going too that's causing this?
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