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Found 5 results

  1. Another MOT at end of November. Tempus fugit and all that. Half decent Yokohamas on the front need replacing as they have worn on the outside edge after 11k miles even though I'm a wee bit regular when it comes to checking tyre pressures. No knocking or steering issues are noticable at this stage so Im wondering if the C8 is just hard on front tyres? Ah well, money will sort it out, however..........the heater fan is blowing intermittently. On high setting its loud and reassuring but then it stops for a second or two before resuming. Does the same when aircon is on. I have not changed my heate
  2. Just joined today! Prompted by heater/aircon Blower malfunction. C5 is 2013 "connected" model. Have it just three weeks after changing my old 2005 C5 that never gave any instrument or "comfort" faults! First noticed when I pressed the windscreen demist boost. Although all lamps light up and respond on the Mono Zone Digital Air conditioning panel, there is no sound from the Blower even when turned up high. Have checked Fuse 11 Air conditioning Blower (40A) under the bonnet and it's intact. Doing some Google searches mentions a Resistor Box as possible cause... Does anybody have any suggestions
  3. I have a 2013 C3 Picasso Exclusive with the 1.6VTi 120 engine and EGS6 gearbox. Recently, I've noticed the cabin heating is....pathetic..... with lukewarm air coming from the vents with the knob set to "Hi" , the blue engine temperature warning lamp takes about 8 times as far to go out as it used to (12miles as opposed to 1.5) and the Mpg figure has dropped from a lousy 43mpg to a catastrophic 38mpg. I believe the engine is not getting to the correct temperature and the engine is running rich as a result, the cabin heater isn't being fed with water hot enough. This suggests a problem with the
  4. hi i have a c5 2002 2.0 hdi with manual temperature control with aircon. the aircon gives a high pitched whine when its going to work then about 30secs later starts blowing cold air for a few minutes then starts blowing warm air. it has got plenty of gas in the system i have checked it with a pressure gauge when the system has been on a long while about 1 hour the pressure reeds very high about double what it should be when cold pressure reeds ok. anyone got any ideas to help me?? many thanks mark
  5. Hi I'm having problems with my C5's (58 plate 2.0 HDI tourer) aircon. I took it to be serviced a couple of weeks ago, and the garage was unable to get it going. It's got a full charge of coolant, but the compressor clutch refuses to engage. I spent about an hour with my mechanic trying to find the fault, but we didn't get very far. He suggested I might do some research online, so here I am! :) We hooked it up to his 'snap-on' diagnostics machine and were able to actuate the compressor clutch manually (but only when the engine wasn't running). There was one sensor value that looked wa
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