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Found 7 results

  1. Just joined today! Prompted by heater/aircon Blower malfunction. C5 is 2013 "connected" model. Have it just three weeks after changing my old 2005 C5 that never gave any instrument or "comfort" faults! First noticed when I pressed the windscreen demist boost. Although all lamps light up and respond on the Mono Zone Digital Air conditioning panel, there is no sound from the Blower even when turned up high. Have checked Fuse 11 Air conditioning Blower (40A) under the bonnet and it's intact. Doing some Google searches mentions a Resistor Box as possible cause... Does anybody have any suggestions
  2. Hi guys, been looking very in depth about heater problems but found no solution that accommodated to my problem. Have checked the fuses in the driver's footwell and found none blown. Have tested the fan outside of the car to a 12V battery and it works. The only problem found is that there is no voltage between the black and red wires on the multi plug to the actual fan. My heated rear windscreen does seem to be working so the ignition problem shouldn't apply(?) Is there another fuse or relay that I am unaware of? Model is 1997 1.9TD Xsara (non air con). Anyone got any idea what
  3. I have had a new C3 Picasso since the beginning of October. I have recently been experiencing sore eyes and have resorted to using eyedrops to ease the itch. I have just realised that it coincides with being out in the car for relatively long drives. I will monitor this to see if it continues. Anyone else experience this? nolly53
  4. hi everyone,i have a problem that no garage seems to be able to fix,the horn,heater and reverse lights have stooped working(all stopped at the same time).all fuses have been checked and are ok but there is a clicking sound in the fuse box under the bonnet,similar to an indicator being used.would this be a wiring fault or relay fault,did get this error on last mot,,Offside Rear Direction indicator adversely affected by the operation of another lamp (1.4.A.2h).dont know if that would cause any other wiring faults.thanks all who take the time to look or comment.
  5. My fan heater stopped working on my C5 2.0hdi (2001) We replaced the motor and everything worked fine for a few days but has now stopped completely again. Any ideas what is causing this please?
  6. Hi Can anyone tell me what this is called as i can find no information about it. It is some sort of thermocouple mounted in the side of the heater by the clutch pedal. It seems to trip the Air Con compressor in and out. I recently had a problem with a friends car the compressor would not keep running unless i kept this warm in the palm of my hand so in order to make the Air Con work properly i had to strap it to the side of the heater to keep it warm thus allowing the the system to work properly. Cheers
  7. A week ago I started to get a curry like smell from my heater when blowing out hot. This smell over the course of the week turned to a burning like smell. I got a sparky to come check out the motor and other electrical that deal with the heater but to no joy that everything was running fine. Also in that week I took it to a garage where they also checked for the same thing and found nothing but then looked for holes leading from the engine into the car (not sure exactly what they did) and they found nothing wrong there. Now today the smell is getting worse and also the engine management light
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