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Found 13 results

  1. Citroen C8, year 2003, 2.0 petrol version, Automatic. Ok last friday drove the car out, ABS fault popped up, then in succession the Auto gear fault, then something like brake fault, and the airbag fault but this usually is intermittent, then car gets stuck in i believe is 3rd gear possibly as i couldn't go up the hill after stopping the car. Really annoying i wish i could burn the damn thing down to the ground. Tiptronic gears don't work as well so i cant use the +- to shift the gears. im guessing its the auto gear selector switch, as the dealer replaced it with a used part before i boug
  2. Hi I am just wondering which is the best workshop manual to buy for the C8 HDI 2.0 sx, i used to use the Peter Russex Manual and a disk manual for my old Fiat Ulysee, so probably thinking something similar, any opinions on this one please http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-C8-Workshop-Service-Repair-Manual-1994-2013-Wiring-diagrams-/322105759949?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 And also this one http://www.emanualonline.com/Cars/Citroen/Citroen-C8-Workshop-Repair-And-Service-Manual.html or any better suggestions.
  3. Hi, Another family member due next month prompted a change from a Peugeot 407 SW so we have just bought a 10 yr old C8 SX HDI from a very local used car dealer in County Antrim. Had been considering an Espace but a 2k price difference and buying 2 miles from home for the Citroen versus 65 miles from home for the Espace made me opt for the Citroen on the grounds of convenience should we need to trigger the warranty. The local dealer has a reasonably good reputation and a 3 month warranty comes with the car. It was advertised as having a new clutch fitted. We took a reasonably long test drive n
  4. Just want to say hi, just let go of my old Fiat Ulysee and bought a C8.
  5. Hi, I pick up my C8 on Friday and I'm very happy with a basic LX petrol I'm going to get. The only thing I'd like to add to the car is some roof bars ... I can see some on ebay but WILL THEY FIT on the LX roof ? ( I think they came on exclusive models only ?) I looked at the roof today and the grooves have a rubber trim in at present but I wonder if these can be removed and roof bars added ?? Any advice welcome :-) ... And any other easy and cheap upgrade advice would be great thanks Yanthedad (Chris)
  6. Hi there, I have a 2003 C8 and it has just failed its MOT for a few bits all but one are now fixed, The last remaining problem seems to be even testing the garage? The alto level lights are set two low, we found the small Allen key night adjuster on the top of the light unit but this was already At its max height!? They have now suggested taking it to a main dealer? But this is starting to sound expensive!! I don't so pose anyone has any ideas on Somthing else to try? Many thanks Adam.
  7. Hi all nice to be a member, im after some help. I have a 2005 C8. Where can i post an issue with the car for technical advice? So true this, i have a dead python snake stuck in my heater fan, its getting quite smelly, lol and would like some advice on how to take some of the internal fittings off to remove it. Where can i post
  8. Ok, so we have a Citroen C8 (petrol, 2006). Its been a pretty good family car for the 6 of us and we've just got back from 3 weeks in Europe. Today though we could not get into the car: not by the remote (it doesn't function anyway); nor by either of the door locks. The doors feel 'dead-locked' and the key hits a wall of immovability when you try to turn it on either door. When the car was last locked (having been left unlocked for a few days) the wing mirrors stayed out - they normally retract electronically. I have replaced the key fob battery but to no avail. I'm guessing its either the c
  9. I've had several Citroens since 1980.First, a brand-new 2CV that we loved so much it eventually fell in half. Then a BX which carried five of us plus bicycles all over France and Spain. Until last week a Xsara Picasso that served me well for 210,000 miles. Have now bought a 2004 C8 which I hope will tow our caravan for a couple of years. This July I aim to retire from nursing after 35 years.
  10. Hi all My Citroen c8 is in need of some help and I really want to get things sorted. Quite a few mechanics now have suggested that I go to a Diesel specialists over in Croydon to get my non-starter problems sorted out. Spoke to the garage and they said that I should bring it in and to diagnose it, it will cost £80. If there is a Diesel pump problem then it will cost around £700. Then I spoke to someone else and they suggested that it will be cheaper to go to......... wait for it...... FRANCE!!! Was researching how much it will be to take the car and it is £15 single. What I can do i
  11. For the last eights years my C8 was my pride and joy and I have every intention keeping it until it stops. The C8 is beginning to experience niggling challenges as a direct result of wear. A Peugeot garage across the road from where I live has completed all servicing and repairs. But when needing a heater motor and rheostat their cost estimates near high end lottery winnings numbers. I have a garage trained son that in the future will receive the lottery winnings. happy New Year Citroen users here.
  12. Hi I can't get the CD to eject from the player on my 2007 C8. the radio works but when CD is selected I just get an egg timer image. Whichever buttons I press it makes no difference. Is this common fault? What's the cure?
  13. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum as I'm looking for some help. I have a '04 plate C8 2.0 HDI (yes, the cam belt went last year and cost me a fortune..) but have bought a bike rack which obscures the rear lights. (I used to just bung the whole families bikes in the back but now the kids are getting bigger, so are their bikes!) I therefore need to add a light bar and was wondering if anyone has experience of wiring in the electrics. Would a universal type wiring kit be OK to use and is it a relatively simple job or one for an expert auto-electrician? I am comfortable with basic car servicin
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