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Found 15 results

  1. Can anyone please help ? I have 2 questions below + SEE IMAGE ATTACHED Recently my CITROEN GRAND C4 PICASSO 1.6 BLUE Hdi (2016 Model) has lost power – max speed 60mph The' DPF particle filter clogged' warning light has come on I was not informed that a Diesel car with a DPF must be driven regularly on motorway to avoid this issue - would never have bought one had I known. We are a family and do 90% of our driving in town locally. i.e. school runs, shopping etc I researched well when choosing this car but no mention of DPF car driving requirements i.e must be driven at
  2. Hi folks, Looking for some advice... I have a C3 Picasso diesel which has twice broken down requiring injector replacement, 6 months either side of the warranty wearing out, at approx 32 and 45k miles. The dealer is now strongly advising I replace the currently broken injector, plus the 2 as yet untouched injectors at a combined cost of £2,300. His alternative is to replace just one for £1,100. The quote is also going through some kind of Citroen only-just-out-of-warrantee procedure to try and get the cost down, I'm not sure how much impact that's going to have. I can see some point in c
  3. My wife has just bought her neighbours C3 1.4l registered in '59 and has done 57k for £1500!! Sounds a bargain to me. Interestingly the timing belt(Cambelt?) renewal is not due for 150k! or 10yrs. Do members follow this service recommendation? Could not get my head round the fact that there is no DPF; after all it is 2009 car. The normal start up for Diesel is you wait for the glow plugs to heat up(normally an icon on dash goes off after 2 seconds). Also after a longish run it appears to be common practice to wait 10/20 secs before switching off. This allows fresh oil to get to the turbo be
  4. Hi Everyone I have a mk2 c5 2.0hdi 138hp registered July 2006. This car has a rather irritating problem which I can best describe as fuel starvation, which is very intermittent.. This is what I'm experiencing, the car starts and runs without problems loads of power no back smoke out the back. But after a bit (can't be more precise as the problem is intermittent) the engine will run as if it has no fuel (sort of misfiring once it has reached tick over speed. When this happens the is no throttle response at all, also I have noticed that there seems to be air in the diesel primer bulb (not su
  5. I have a 2004 HDI estate and both interior lights in the estate boot do not work. I have changed the bulbs and the C30 5amp fuse. Can anyone help me please? Derek58.
  6. Hi I have a 2007 Dispatch 2.0Hdi (125,000 miles) that recently lost power along the road. Garage fitted a new original turbo(seized) along with new intercooler and only engine light was glow plugs, also renewed. Van now starts but any throttle and it omits clouds of smoke as if neat fuel going through engine. No lights or faults showing on computer. Garage baffled to what may be wrong. I would appreciate any technical assistance, as my business is now 4 weeks with no delivery vehicle thanks in anticipation Carlo
  7. Hello I am looking to buy a used C5 and I don't like the fixed center of the steering wheel on the 'new gen C5' that exists on all models from 2008+. And I don't like the body of models prior to the 2005 facelift, so no models from 2004 or before... That leaves me with three years to pick from 05, 06, 07. I have been searching the internet across 10+ google pages reading almost every article about the C5 but I can not find user manuals or a spec sheet that compares the features between the 05, 06 and 07 models. Does anyone know the different features between 05, 06, 07? What are the diff
  8. Hi Sorry if this has been answered before. I am new to this forum and am looking at purchasing a C3 Auto Diesel 1.4 e-HDI VTR+ EGS 2012 model My main reason for this is for the fuel economy nothing else seems to compare to the MPG published. Having said that i don't trust the published MPG stats which are Urban mpg78.5 mpgExtra Urban mpg88.3 mpgAverage mpg83.1 mpg I do 50 miles a day 5 days a week so 250 a week ! a mix of motorway, dual carriageway at 70 mph and urban. on a roundtrip probably 30 miles is high speed (70 to 75 mph) and 20 miles is urban with some stop and start. M
  9. Hello everyone. I have just bought a C5 2.0 HDi Exclusive Automatic 6 speed, 2005 (NV55 LHK). It has done 135,000 miles and has patchy non main dealer service history. I have read lots of posts on the forum but none seem to mention my problem. The Problem:- When changing up from 1st to 2nd gear, the gear box seems to slip and then jolts into gear violently, it feels like a kick in the back. It only happens when the car is warmed up, when the car is started from cold there is no problem the gear change is smooth. There are no gearbox warning lights or messages. I bought the automatic
  10. Hi all My Citroen c8 is in need of some help and I really want to get things sorted. Quite a few mechanics now have suggested that I go to a Diesel specialists over in Croydon to get my non-starter problems sorted out. Spoke to the garage and they said that I should bring it in and to diagnose it, it will cost £80. If there is a Diesel pump problem then it will cost around £700. Then I spoke to someone else and they suggested that it will be cheaper to go to......... wait for it...... FRANCE!!! Was researching how much it will be to take the car and it is £15 single. What I can do i
  11. Hi, accidently put diesel in a petrol C1 and ran until the engine stopped. All fixed and the car is running fine except that the emission control light refuses to go out. The Citreon dealer said it might go with a good run but that didn't work, so they said it was the catalytic converter which they were happy to change for £1000. Needless to say we were not happy and have not taken them up on this offer. Since this has happened the car has had it's first MOT and sailed through even on emissions, so I'm a bit confused as to what this light accually means. Any ideas?
  12. I have a 2.2 BiTurbo and it has been running smoothly apart from the odd thud around 50/70/90 kph. Yesterday it stalled at very slow speed while turning a corner under no stress. It started fine. Today it started fine from cold and then all of a sudden started running on 3, and at times perhaps 2, cylinders. I drove it straight to a mechanic. There was smoke coming from behind the motor. Any one encountered similar problems?
  13. I have tried the search function but it is not returning any results no matter what I put in! If I accelerate hard I leave a cloud of black smoke behind me and believe it may be a faulty injector, my question is, because it is a common rail system, how do I vent the pressure before removing the injectors for inspection. the car is a 2.0 hdi C5 exclusive on 2009 plate
  14. Hi All, Posted on the other ZX section, so apologies for duplication. The idle rate on my 97 ZX SX TD has moved from about 1000rpm to about 1150rpm. Happened about the same time as I hit a nasty pot hole. The engine might be running a little rougher but if it is, it's subtle. The same with fuel sonsumption - seems to be relatively unchanged but still checking it out. Any suggestions much appreciated.
  15. Hi All, Looks like it's been a bit quiet on here lately. All those ZXs can't have gone to scrapyard heaven yet, can they? Anyway, got an idle problem on a ZX turbo diesel. It's a 97 ZX SX TD, 170K miles. The idle rate has suddenly moved from 950-1000 rpm to 1150ish. The rev range seems spot on at higher revs so looks like the idle setting (or something that can influence the idle rate) has altered. It happened about the same time as I hit a particularly nasty pothole. Fuel consumption may have increased slightly, but can't be sure at the moment. The car feels marginally rougher, but again
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