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  1. Fixed it. Removed the lamp, the two screws from the lamp’s slot. Opened the plastic cover of the motor and the three screws that held it. Once I got out, unlocked the gear mechanism of the motor that was holding the sunroof opened. I think the engine problem; the relay can be heard going when I press the button. It was not that difficult job. I tried to find a motor on eBay but no chance.
  2. Hi all, Just now happened, opened the sunroof, and did not realised that it opened just a bit, only when i tried to close it. I checked all the fuses, are ok. I do not know where the relay located is! On the right side of fuse box inside I can see 7 relays, but I do not know which one it is. Does anyone know what could be the cause? Or, I would like to check the relay but I do not know which one is! Thanks!
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