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  1. Wet with oil, you mean engine oil? I've had this happen twice. Once, on a BX, it was an air leak. On a petrol car, it was an intermittently blocked oil breather pipe. So, check for air leaks in the diesel line, they must be pre diesel pump if there are no diesel leaks, as the air is being sucked in; and for any kinks or other problems in the oil breathers which are forcing oil vapour up into the inlet. A lot of oil breathers go the other side of the air filter so as not to blacken it too quickly.
  2. I got the part from Barretts of Canterbury, they were most helpful. Looking at the new part will tell how to remove the old one. It takes about 20 minutes as you have to remove the trim hiding the top end of the pedals. Once the part is in place, the single pin that secures it can be pushed in, then the level that secures that pin pushed up to lock it into place. getting the old one out is the reverse... I have now driven nearly six hours with the electric handbrake back to normal and no return of the fault and the "Auto Parking Off". The part is very expensive for what it is, £51.19
  3. I've got a problem with the auto parking brake that been traced to a faulty clutch position sensor. The sensor in question is at the top of the clutch pedal, but I can't (easily) see how it's attached to the mount and the pedal itself. So does anyone know how to remove it, and if there's an easy source of Citroen parts on the web, as the main dealers round here aren't necessarily the sort of place I'm keen to go to.
  4. I bought front sensors for my Mk1 C5 as they can't be turned off in the BSI. Citroen don't make them and they're made by a big firm that do them for a large number of companies, as I understand it. The new sensor needs to be coded in. Alternatively, as the previous owner did for my 2008 C5 X7 Tourer, as there was a batch of very poorly made sensors, he had them all replaced with normal valves and the feature switched off in the BSI.
  5. I've had two older cars now where the big wire from the battery to the starter motor solenoid or from there onwards have become defective and incapable of carrying the current to crank the starter. You can test this by passing the wire with cooker cable. BX, Mk 1 and Mk 3 C5 have suffered from badly corroded earth cables. See that list from Coastline? That's gold, that is, work through it and as he says, pleas report back.
  6. We've had compression ignition and stratified charge with big promises before. Also lean burn. Let's see - proof of the pudding.....
  7. If you have an Android phone then you can buy an EOBD II to Bluetooth adaptor for about £7 on eBay. You then need to Bluetooth connect this to your phone, running an App like Torque Lite (check for it in the Google Play Store). From 2004 all diesel engines sold in the EU were EOBD II compliant. Try this:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1x-ELM327-OBD2-Bluetooth-Car-Diagnostic-Fault-Code-Reader-Clearer-Scanner-Tool-/361965537339?hash=item5446d3c83b:g:PBEAAOSw-3FZAz5w Sounds like a fuel cut off relay failure, or an iffy fuse connection, or a fuel pressure relief valve but theses would all show
  8. What year is it? Is the EGR connected and not blanked off? When EGR valves are changed, they need to be coded into the car. Reversing sensors not working is probably a dead or damaged transducer. When I last suffered this, I had a diagnostic technician check the car out with a top level Snap On diagnostic tool. The tool told me which sensor was dead, I bought the replacement from eBay, about £12.
  9. Find another garage. Ideally a Citroen independent. You'll only have further problems when the mechanic who hates the "daft French suspension" doesn't understand how to interpret some slight residue of fluid on on the suspension legs and fails it on that. You need to tell us why the handbrake failed. Was it insufficient braking force or not working, or out of balance?
  10. I've had this issue with an Accord where Honda say parts are not available separately but if they are Bosch parts they are. Went to a fuel injection specialist who sold me the fuel pressure relief valve... If it's a Bosch system then it may be worth looking to see if the parts are available separately. Also worth seeing if the problem has been solved with the sister cars, Peugeot 407/508. Who makes the fuel injection system? PSA don't....
  11. Connection from front height sensor via linkage to front anti roll bar damaged, broken, stuck or knocked which has led to the height not adjusting? Did you take the car up to the top of the suspension travel before working on it or did you jack it up from the normal position? If you can get to the linkage without endangering yourself, you might give it a squirt of WD40 to free it up. Forum regulars will be along soon with the usual welcome and better advice very soon.
  12. As I understand it, (had a 2.2 of the same age for a while), the regen does not take place on good runs but at a light load between 40 and 50 mph. The DPF should be replaced on that vehicle at 75,000 miles. Was it done?
  13. Mid Kent Vehicles in New Hythe used to be a Citroen indy, but now they tend to be a more general workshop. Still worth giving them a call.
  14. Did you have the new EGR valve coded into the car? If not, that might be the sort of the fault code. If you have an Android phone, buy a EOBD II to Bluetooth plug, load Torque Lite and read the code, or find someone who has a code reader. The code will tell you whether is the DPF or the EGR. If it's the EGR, you'll need to find someone with the full Monty diagnostic to code it in. Had the same problem when I swapped a faulty EGR on a 2.0 C5 Tourer.
  15. All Citroens with hydraulic suspension used to do this, but from the Xantia onwards they were fitted with an anti-sink valve at the rear. Sounds like you have an anti-sink valve problem, if the C5 has one.
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