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  1. ok this is going to sound really stupid but is in no way meant to be disrespectful to classic citroen restorers: I am 22 and i have a 1999 Citroen Saxo VTR B) I personally think that this car in years to come will be a classic either for its power/handling capabilities or plainly for its faults, but even at the moment there is a very small percentage that have not been modified or ragged around and this brings me to my point... I am going to keep mine completely bog standard and replace everything the previous owner 'modified' and try to keep it as close to factory as possible and keep
  2. Most likely the coil pack, i had the same problem on my vtr for ages and it ended up as that, if you get one from a scrappy or ebay (cheapest) first make sure the connectors are the same colour (in the middle on the top = grey or black for VTR/S) then take off the teets and make sure there is no green powder (oxidation) then check the teets have no white on them as it means it has been arcing
  3. I can give you rough advice as i have done this on a '99 saxo vtr: The door locks are easy, remove the door card then the inside handle (slide towards hinges and then unhook), if necessary undo the 3 torx screws on the inner edge of the door to aid rod removal and remove the lock backing plate (wedges in between the door metal and the lock) then unhook the rod on that lock, put new in and reconnect everything, it should take no more than 5-10 mins each side. For the ignition lock remove the cowling underneath and make sure that you VERY carefully remove the pickup ring (assuming it has one
  4. i have a '99 VTR and it does the same, apparently it is actually a leak from the aerial not the sunroof, mine comes through the map light aswell as the door pillar
  5. ox45


    First check your owners manual as it says there, if you don't have one check the fusebox cover as that tells you, firstly though, check the cigarette lighter is actually connected behind the center console
  6. Its a common fault, my vtr has had 3 in the past, but a decent garage should have diagnosed that, see your local c.p.r scrapyard
  7. It sounds like one of two things a) the fuel gauge is faulty B) the sender float is sticking, but from experience i know that the speedo heads suffer from regular faults so the gauge is the first on your check list hope this helps
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