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  1. Mixed driving with no thoughts of driving economically, about 550 miles per tank; driven ultra carefully as if there's an egg between throttle and foot, about 650. I once achieved 700, but never managed to repeat it.
  2. 600 miles per tank is possible, but not common. Previous owner must have driven like a granny. I must say that I preferred my old 2-litre to my current 1.6 HDi, although economy was certainly poorer on the 2.0. Somehow felt torquier (it isn't on paper) and seemed quicker off the mark, but it's a noisy engine compared to the 1.6. Have fun with yours!
  3. Well I couldn't resist a test-drive in the new M'space, so I gave a 92bhp HDi VTR a go. I must say that there were a few points scored over the previous model (mine's a 92bhp HDi Forte) but also a fair few against: Practicality: Well, the new one's a fair bit bigger, and I like the better rear seat legroom, dash-top cubby for paperwork and centre between seat cubby, but what's happened to the wonderful 3-litre bottle of water pockets in the doors then? The in-dash bottle holders are useless except maybe for pens, and the cup/can holder is too low to reach. Boot space is no wider because of
  4. The new M'space is too upmarket, the First is too downmarket. Rubbish marketing.
  5. Do you mean the one that's been around since 2002 or the brand new one?
  6. The Berlingo First would be a choice if they'd not discontinued the 92bhp Hdi and de-specced the standard equipment tally and options list..
  7. That means that the much pricier new 1.6HDi110bhp is the nearest in performance to the old 1.6HDi 92bhp
  8. A bit disappointing that the NCAP is only 4* too. Not much improvement over the current model.
  9. Yeah, they're in the dealers now. The old one in van and MPV version is to be marketed as the "Berlingo First" and will only be available in 1.6 petrol and 75bhp 1.6 HDi. Equipment is slashed and remote locking and side airbags are once again options rather than standard. Sunroof option no longer available, so I won't be buying one of those either.
  10. Sadly sold my 2.0 long ago. Have a 1.6HDi now......
  11. All good points I'm sure, although logically if fuel consumption was better, surely emissions would also improve? Smoking was noticeable only on hard acceleration, although since I was doing quite a lot of that, it was rather frequent!! Is the £105 chip that you bought available for the 1.6HDi?
  12. I had my 2.0HDi 'Lingo Superchipped. £400+VAT and up to 120bhp. Absolutely awesome performance, better fuel consumption and I loved it. BMW 320is were fair game, and MINI Coopers were left in my wake. Even better that few traffic cops would suspect a van with windows as being anything like a target! The downside was that it smoked noticeably (don't know what this would do in an emissions test for MOT because the car was too young to be tested) and you had to use good fuel. Biodiesel from the local farm was a no-no. Go for it !
  13. Use the cheapest, Gazole or Gasoil. Don't pay extra for the Super.
  14. Just been to see one of the new Multispaces, and decided that I shan't be buying one. Firstly it is too big. The width especially is excessive; the commercial version seats three abreast, so you can imagine just how wide it is. Much standard equipment on current M'spaces is optional on the new one except in faux-off-roader XTR trim, that includes side airbags, Modutop, remote locking. Add in the cost of these extras and combined with the already higher list price and add in the poorer p/x you'll get for your old model..... And no fabric roof option.... It's a million miles from the Be
  15. How old is the Berlingo? Most 5 door Forte models without Modutop have speaker nacelles with interior lights above the rear side windows. 3 door models don't.
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