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  1. Thanks for that. I'll get a new cable sorted, and try that hose pipe trick on it as well.
  2. Picture here So, should that pass an MOT? and does anyone know a cheap source of the metal clips, so I can re-attach it.
  3. There is the plastic bit attached to the bottom of the fuel tank for it to sit in, but there is no metal clip to keep it there. The only place I found that I could cable tie it to is the feed into the fuel tank, and I'd rather not do it there. ----------------- Found a fix for the boot lock - used a spring out of an old floppy disc. Reply 2: Yes, it's Drum Brakes. The brake works fine, and holds the wheel no problem, it's just the tube that the cable runs through isn't held right against the bottom of the car - it still ends up in the right place, and does the job as normal. I've
  4. Hi, I've got a 97 1.9D Temptation. The handbrake cable to the rear right tyre hangs down, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if this can be treated as an MOT failure, as it is just coming up to the first MOT since I've owned it. Even if it isn't going to cause a fail, I'd still like to get it fixed. Does anyone know where to get the clips for it, as I've looked in a few places and not found anything. Also: The boot central has just stopped working - having disassembled it, it looks like the spring that holds the pin in the 'locked' or 'unlocked' position has broken, if anyone knows where
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