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  1. truemouse

    Rotor Widths

    Some folks call 'em rotors, some call 'em discs. Anyway, what is the minimum width for front rotors on a 1.6 HDi Picasso?
  2. Louis Barbour is a clever chap who studied the 'A' series. He read up on prototypes and now includes some of the original design features in his cars. I've understood that the French army had ordered some Mehari's in a four wheel drive format. Louis Barbour has takent his idea to the standard 2cv. http://www.2cv4x4.com/images/buggy2.jpg Rear chassis had to be notched to allow room for the rear diff. The Mehari bodyshell could easily accommodate this since it resembles a huge cat litter tray. http://www.2cv4x4.com/images/dayout33.jpg http://www.citroen-ca.com/IMAGES/2CV%20Sahara%202
  3. The VW bug was not copied off the duck simply because Citroen had enough fore-sight to dismantle and hide or destroy the prototypes. (Somewhere in the region of 300 cars were destroyed before WW2) The Beetle was inspired, however, by rumour of France's TPV. Failing to get their hands on a 2cv, they plaigarised the Tatra. Okay, so I should really have included the word 'inspired'. The GSA engine is different, mainly because of the two extra cylinders. It needed OHC because of the extra cylinders, but it still took inspiration from the duck engine. Anyway, here's some more 2cv varieties.
  4. So use, for instance, the plastic hubcap from a commercial Citroen (Such as a Berlingo Enterprise) mounts a central retaining nut for the chromed 2cv hubcap http://www.ecas2cvparts.co.uk/assets/product_images/21500.jpg Then get something like this http://www.ecas2cvparts.co.uk/assets/product_images/21600.jpg to dress the rim? Lot of measuring shall ensue. Thanks. BTW, was kinda looking at a cream color for the wheel recently. Give it a kinda pseudo 'light 15' look. Works well with a dark grey, no? PS Little bits of useless information. Both Henry Ford and Andre' Citroen held the
  5. Odd how the Panhard PL17 was designed shortly after the takeover by Citroen. I will admit, though, the suspension in the PL17 is vastly different and the plumbing seems to have gone awry, but it's pretty much the same engine. It's also odd how it's the GSA engine that's bolted onto a 2cv super Ami frame, that the only difference is a front spar to take two more cylinders. Indeed, that's a popular 2cv mod. I'm not saying they're identical, but the duck has inspired a lot of cars so much so that most parts are interchangeable.
  6. This car has inspired so much that many folks don't know. Sometimes it's even appeared under different skins and fooled entire countries. Take for instance the Panhard PL 17 http://www.autohistories.com/panhard-levassor/Panhard_PL17-f.jpg or the Bijou http://homepages.tesco.net/~Christian.Newman/Bijou2.JPG Did you know that after the French did their thing in Asia they left many cars behind, including examples of the GS/ GSA (A car that had evolved from the humble duck, with an air-cooled flat four instead of an air-cooled flat twim) a Company called Subaru had spotted this and re-pa
  7. There's a race-cage to protect the driver against a worst case scenario (Like that bloody mindless midget Hammond pushing it out behind a 747*.) but to be honest, just tune up the engine. Look into the construction of them. They're pretty damned solid to start with (Not to mention one of the lowest centres of gravity until now) please note the real chassis I was talking about earlier. This makes for one hella strong backbone, something modern cars lack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA5a3un2wLs If you ever rode in one you might notice the way the body panels have been finished around th
  8. Mini don't have a chassis, but it is pretty real.* http://www.2cvracing.org.uk/images/gall-picture-029-500.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbI8yWb4eLU Yes, the C4 is for a completly different market. A market of folks who'll settle for plastic toy cars. *(BMW mini doesn't count.)
  9. Had a conversation with one of my clients as to what makes for a 'real car'. They brought up 'Zonda this' and 'Honda that' as they drooled over a supercar calender. I pointed out that anything with a side-exiting exhaust pulling up alongside could probably melt them. I suggested a Plymouth Barracuda or a 2cv. They asked what the difference was. I admitted there was around 400 horses difference, but they both were real cars. Real cars do not need to be taken to an IT specialist for a service. (IT = Information Technology for those REAL mechanics out there) Real cars do not have to be ho
  10. This is going to sound brain-dead, but have you checked all linkages from pedal to carb? Check to see that the pedal moves the butterfly from fully closed to fully open. Sometimes stuff simply slips.
  11. FIRST POST IN TOO LONG! Looking for the firm that can make 2cv prototype replicas from production 2cv's. I've heard there's one in England, just looking for info. http://www.citroen.com/NR/rdonlyres/82E7E36D-EDA3-4F3D-AC29-8E605F8DC435/37758/3_480.jpg
  12. I'd swear by it. Not a single problem. Great on Diesel, bags of high-end torque. Just don't expect to tow anything with it.
  13. De nada mi chica. Say, you not bein' on recently. Come talk to me girl, drop a line.
  14. Yeah, I was going to say, try the old fashioned way. Use the key in the lock. I've found that out after someone who will remain my son got a hold of the key fob and reported to me 'Lights . . . aaaaww' in a sad grieving manner. Windows '98? Not Windows XP then?
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