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  1. Hello, Rebuilding a light frontend damaged C4, noticed the rad was shot, no water in the car. I have been told it was only moved round the yard and not "cooked" I also ran it myself to check all the relavent lights went out (airbag etc), didnt seem that noisey, and oil looked fine, didnt smell to bad either (in the old days you could tell stuff by the smell of the oil just in case anyone thinks I am mad) Anyone have any opinions to the robusteness of these engines. Its the 1.6 Petrol 16V I have stuck a rad in it and all seems well, but I have done quite a bit of work on other makes lik
  2. Mmmm, guess I better consider having the old girl put down. Shame best high speed load carrier I have had. Joe T <_<
  3. Dont laugh I know, but I have had this car for years and its been a good workhorse, about a year ago slight misfire or flat spot started, and it gradually over the year got worst, during this time I have replaced what I can this include the following Dist,cap,rotor,leads,plugs Coil, Tranistorised ign module Idle speed regulator Ign ECU Inj ECU Its a 92 V6 SEI 12V Manual Estate. It never has the fault when cold but as the needle reaches the 90 mark it will start, I never loses Idle, and can drive through it to about 3000 Its a throttle position fault rather than revs related but comes in
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