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  1. Hi, Need some help here, I've just fitted some new spheres-2 front, 2 rear, accumulator and the anti sink (4years and 60k old) ,the idea was to cure a problem with a stiff front n/s, the outcome shows no improvement,I'm wondering what else would cause this kind of behaviour. thanks paul
  2. What a load of tosh I had an early XM , sold it with 28700 miles still running fine,same engine gearbox and turbo, never let me down!!!!!!!!!! Xsara pahhh!!!who is sara's ex anyway??
  3. sorry this is far too late but XM suspesion is not too complicated or very expensive to maintain I've done 112000 miles in 1998 2.0 16v a complete set spheres 7 in total £225 fitted. Alot people are scared of citroen suspension and electrics which pleases me because it keeps s/h prices really low,a lot of car for your money. Bon Voyage
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