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  1. Check the wiring where it goes from the roof into the tailgate you will probably find some broken wires
  2. Sounds like the fuel filter is faulty or not sealing properly
  3. Sounds like starter motor or a bad connection on solenoid
  4. Thanks for the advice will be doing this over easter weekend along with the cambelt and water pump change that's due
  5. Has anyone changed the strut return pipes on the front of a mk1 c5 had a quick look and looks like just unclip pipe and fit new and check and top up fluid many thanks Mark
  6. My blower resistor is on the passenger side of the heater box and is just clipped into the housing
  7. My mk1 c5 hdi had tyre wear when I was using cheap tyres but I am now using michelin and have increased the tyre pressure to the same as the rear 2.5 bar and no more wear problems
  8. Try an independent locksmiths I'm in Peterborough and have had a quote for my keys at 90 including programing
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