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  1. Hi to all My car is 2004 C8 2lt petrol Well here I am in the South of France on holiday and yesterday I got a warning message anti pollution fault and the warning light on the dash, This came on at start up first thing in the morning the car is still driving very well no signs of limp mode or anything. I have noticed that I have a slight exhaust rattle at idle just lift off idle and it goes away I was meaning to check that today anyway. What can I check myself sensors etc. I don't want to use a garage here if poss they are very expensive here in France I have had my car
  2. Cheers for that I will let you know how I get on
  3. Hi need to add its drivers side Bummer eh Jon
  4. Hi to all I think I need to change the inner cv joint/ driveshaft on my 2004 2lt petrol c8 any advice on the job would be most welcome Jon
  5. Hi to all Can anyone throw some light on to my problem clutch, the car is 2004 c8 2lt petrol and has started a clutch judder when setting off I do huge mileges with this car and it seems to be mainly when the car is hot after 50 miles or so and the clutch was changed 18 months ago Any help would be great Jon
  6. Hi to all How do I change serpentine belt on 2004 2lt petrol C8 Jon
  7. Hi to all I want to change the gearchange gaiter but I cant remove the gear knob 2004 C8 manual any help would be great Jon
  8. Hi yes the pipe is indeed the water drain and if not fitted properly the felt under the box gets wet through, Its just a matter of pushing the pipe upwards onto the drain hole i use a smear of washing up liquid on the grommet on the end and a bit of fiddling and there you are A pain in the a--se to do but hey ho Regards Jon
  9. Hi to all and a happy new year I am about to change the master brake cylinder on my 2004 C8 will I run into any snags any help would be great Regards Jon
  10. Hi to all Its me again Just a quickie Is it an easy job to centre the steering wheel on my 2004 C8 mine is not quite in line when driving on straight road Many thanks
  11. Hi to all Any problems I might find changing spark plugs on 2004 C8 2lt
  12. Hi all can anyone tell me where is the cabin pollen filter on my 2004 petrol C8 and any probs changing it Cheers and regards to all Jon
  13. Hi I managed to borrow a torque wrench from a friend he remained with me while I used it and then It went back to his works chop chop he was not really allowed to remove tools from the workshop so It was a bit hush hush and I now owe him big time, Most plant hire companys have torque wrenches for hire but the local one here didnt have one available at the time I wanted to do the job Regards Jon
  14. Hi to all Here is an update as promised I have completed the replacement of the O/S rear wheel bearing on my 2004 C8 and I want to pass on a few tips for anyone else thinking of doing the same job 1/ The first thing is the size of the socket required to remove the hub nut It is a massive 36mm 2/ I appplied some heat to the nut whilst the car was still on the ground with H/Brake applied I used a plumbers blow torch I used a 4ft steel tube on my socket power bar and no problem off It came Jack up the car remove road wheel and you are good to go Remember axle stand Remove t
  15. Cheers for the info I will let you know how I get on in about a weeks time
  16. Hi to all are there any problems I might face replacing rear wheel bearing/hub on Citroen c8 2004 2ltr petrol any tips would be great Regards Jon
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