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  1. I think I have solved it. It was the map/boost sensor. On the side of the intercooler, can't say I noticed it before. The small tube leading into it was kinked restricting air flow. Cleaned it and straighted the hose and she works. It's still very sluggish under 2k revs but as I go over she is OK.
  2. OK.new swirl valve actuator fitted, the old one did have a split in it. New intercooler hose with the two butterfly valves on. One of the old ones didn't close properly, stared her up, swirl valve works now, stays in the up position until engine is revved and it drops until revs drop and it goes back up. Took her for a drive and still got no power. I can her the turbo spooling and if you squeeze the top hose as you rev it you can feel it expand as the turbo pushes air through, it has to be something else, I'm at a loss now. Any other ideas anyone..
  3. Still no joy with this, its really lacking on power, just got no go. I have been over everything many times. All vac tubes fitted. One thing i have noticed is that the intake butterfly swirl valve on the side of the block doesnt seem to move. reading up on another thread, its supposed to move when the engine is revved, when the engine is ticking over im guessing that it should be in the up position judging by the amount of suck the vac tube has when i put my finger on it. if i push the rod with the cup on it all the way up and hold it for a second it will stay there until i rev the engine a
  4. What I'm going to do in a bit. After game of thrones, I will start a new thread and stick some pictures of the 2.2 HDI engine up, I will circle parts and I would like everyone to name the parts. Hopefully we can make this sticky to help others to know where parts are and what they are.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's not the dpf, I've already had that fault, new dpf and new pressure sensor. With the modified mounting bracket that citroen insisted I had to get. Also replaced additive tank as I was getting additive pump fault code. I really don't want to do a forced regeneration again, last time it nearly melted the engine and would not stop, it froze so had to unplug it and swith off engine. I'm pretty sure I connected everything back the way it came off. I will check again when I get back from work. Is there any way to check the butterfly valves In the inlet hose, just for my piece of
  6. Too good to be true. Before putting the wheels back on I had her running, got her up to temperature, checked for leaks, all good. Let everything cool, checked again, all good. Put the wheels on and went for a run around the block. Took it slow,there was a lot of smoke but I was expecting some for while as the old stuff burned away. I took her out again a little while ago, there is no power at all. It's like driving in limp mode but worse. Every now and then it picks up but in 3rd or 4th it lags down and smokes like a bugger. If I stop I can rev up to 3k or more with no smoke. As soon as I p
  7. Hopefully last post on this thread. New turbo all good and plugged in. A MUST FOR ANYONE DOING THIS, MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE COPPER WASHERS FOR THE OIL FEED. BOTH ENDS. Its a lot of work if you skip this and try and get away with it like i tried. You will loose, oil and a lot of it. Anyone need help with changing a turbo i am now the expert... Paul H thank you for your help on this was much needed and most helpful.. speak soon all.. BB.
  8. Turbo delivered on Friday. WRONG ONE. Due to a mix up I was sent a turbo for a BMW. Now have to wait till Tuesday, but as the wife will be out I don't know when I can get my hands on it. Hopefully they will leave it with a neighbour.
  9. New turbo on way. Delivery for Friday, picked up a recon one for £220 with 12 months warranty. Not too bad considering everyone has been saying I would be lucky to get one for under 500.
  10. Sorry for double posts. Using my phone and it keeps lagging amd posts again if I touch anything.. I can't seem to be able to delete. Down to you moderator or admin
  11. I haven't noticed anything yet, I did wear a bit when I pulled the hose off. I still have it balanced and waiting for a clean so I will check then. Are you thinking about intercooler damage..
  12. OK got it out... It would of been a lot easier if the hub nut undid. instead the whole lot had to come out, once the drive shaft was out the way it was simple.. There is one thing, Manual says to drain the gearbox before pulling a shaft. I couldnt find a square socket anywhere for the drain bolt, so i was just going to pull the shaft out and catch any oil and replace later. Pulled the shaft out and not one drop of oil left the gearbox. Now do i have a box that has a sealed unit or have i been doing 20,000 miles a year with no oil in my gearbox... Dunno. Anyway this is what it looks like wh
  13. You don't need to remove anything from under the bonnet. There is two bolts holding the strut that are inside the arch.just took mine off to remove my turbo.
  14. OK.so far I have got no further.main hub nut will not move, even with a three foot extention bar and me bouncing on the end. So now I'm taking out the shaft hub disk and all. Got track rod end off and just released lower wish bone.should all come out in one. Great fun this is.
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