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  1. Thanks for that. It's reassuring that there is someone out there after all. Ken.
  2. My D Special has two warning lights that don't work. :( No lights come on with the ignition, though pressing the test button lights the four 'crucial system' red lights: I believe the charge light should come on without the test button but doesn't light either way. The main beam warning light doesn't work either. I had expected these to be either bulb failures or poor contacts at the bulb holder but I think I have eliminated both of these. Both bulbs are certainly O.K. as they work fine in other warning light locations. I have not yet removed the board that the bulb holders fit into to inspec
  3. Name: Citroen D Special (1972) Date Added: 02 September 2013 - 02:14 PM Owner: kenwatson Short Description: Now 41 years old. Paper trail from 1990, when it went 'round the clock', shows it to have been MOTd and/or taxed for nearly all of the last 22 years. Extensive work done on a rolling restoration basis. A very presentable classic that drives well. http://www.citroen-owners-club.co.uk/citroen/uploads/garage_images/image_url-88622-1378127670_thumb.jpgView Vehicle
  4. Hi, Here's the engine compartment. The engine is a DY2. Ken.
  5. Recently purchased my 1972 D Special privately for £7,300, which I consider to be a very reasonable price. It is a very presentable car that has had a rolling restoration between the late nineties and 2010. Everything except the clock (and occasionally the tacho) seems to work and she drives well. So far, I am delighted with the car and the price I paid.
  6. kenwatson


    They also have a good breakdown service, Britannia, under their umbrella. Britannia seems to be the only breakdown service without an age limit for vehicles (unless you know differently) so is great for Classic Car owners like me.
  7. Have contacted them several times in the past and each time the same result: when I told them what I was paying on individual policies they said "Sorry, we can't even get close!". Maybe they are more competitive these days.
  8. I've just bought a 1972 D Special and thought it was time to join an appropriate members club. I was already a member of the Picasso Owners' Club. I have been an enthusiastic Citroen owner for many years, since owning a DS19 in the early seventies. I have also owned a 1972 GS Estate, a number of BXs, an AX and one of the very last Xsara Picassos. I haven't had a bad Citroen yet. I have owned many non Citroen cars as well but have probably done more miles in Citroens than in all the others put together. The D Special is my first Classic Citroen of course as the DS19 and GS were relatively young
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