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  1. Sadly, there is no coolant temeprature sensor on the triplets. Yet, it's quite easy to fit one. I made a how-to
  2. See the sensors and valves and their locations
  3. I made a video showing how to replace the oil in the automatic gearbox. The manual relates directly to Vaxhall but as I know the same box is fitted to C5, Peugeot 407. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVG3vIJ9TBQ
  4. Made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdqRa64riaY
  5. I decided to stick to the Zafira as it is reliable. Have owned it for 5 years and the alternator was the only thing that went. YEah, i still do like C5 tourer and each time I see one I take a closer look at it.
  6. All the media along with the BBC and SKnews cover the issue of Zafiras B catching fires. 130 fires so far hmmm...I own a Zafira...... Should i be worried?
  7. Now, browsing some C5 offers, ive noticed the front seats are different since 2009, in fact looking worse in the sense of holding capabilities. So they changed them in the lifted editon? http://images63.fotosik.pl/357/442103205615cca1m.jpg http://images63.fotosik.pl/357/388331896c2111efm.jpg What are changes were introduced?
  8. thanks guys for all replies, hope you don't find me a pain in the a.... :) and can we regulate the height of the car on MK3 just as it's possible on MK1 and 2? Is there a button/switch for this?
  9. and besides the greasing that Roger mentioned, does the hydraulic suspension need any maintainance over some longer course of time? Do we replace anything at some intervals? Is the hydraulic pump and the high pressure hoses reliable? Can we just drive a C5 for say 10 years with no need to worry about it? I guess there are no shock absorbers to be changed, no springs.....and does that mean that the hydraulic suspension is in fact cheaper to maintain?
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