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  1. Hi guys I know this topic is old but I have just bought a new DAB radio and was wondering if it is easy to remove? I don't have the U shaped removal tools for the job so is there any other way? Paul
  2. Hi Guys Now I want to get Roof bars fitted for my car on the halfords website. I am a little confused with the type of fitting kit needed. For a starters, have I got a normal roof or with T-Profile? All I know is that I have a long plastic strip just above the doors. I preferably want to pay as little as possible because I am going to Wales on Wednesday. Here are the options Normal Roof Thule Fitting Kit 1313 (Pack of 4) ​T-Profile Thule Fitting Kit 3035 (Pack of 4) Can someone tell me which one I need to buy please? Thanks Paul
  3. Hi guys I have finally managed to get a bit of money together and finally managed to take it to a diesel specialist over in Croydon. Well, I had 4 x injectors replaced and the Common Rail pressure sensor changed over. Starts first time now :) Paul
  4. Hi CLT Unfortunately not yet. I still owe the garage 200 for the other work when they also sorted the clutch. Paying that today. I'll ask them about the camshaft sensors when I pay the bill Paul
  5. Hi Paul Thanks for the info. I am getting a little confused on this oil issue I googled Engine Oil Checker and I have searched Castrol, Mobil et al and they mostly say different 5W30 and 5W40. You say 5W30 so is that OK? LC03 XYB. Took some prices down from the petrol station just down the bottom of my road. Castrol Edge 0W30 @ £22.99 For BMW,Mini, and Mercs 1 Mobil New Life 0W40 @ £20.99 Castrol Edge 5W30 @ £20.99 For Audi, VW, BMW, Mini, Mercs, Porsche, Skoda and Seat All Fully Synthetic Thanks Paul
  6. Hi all Some of you are aware of my various problems which I am trying to financially sort out but I have 2 little problems which I am hoping will be as cheap as possible solutions. Past history, clutch went. Basically, the other day the "Anti Pollution Fault" came on. Hasn't cleared for days and usually when I get on the motorway; the next day it clears. Well I went on the motorway yesterday and the car struggled. Going down the M2 at 70ish MPH and there is a slight increase in hill which bought my car down to around 50. The car doesn't even go past 30K revs so it is a little slow getting
  7. Hi all. Quick question. What type of engine oil do I buy? It's asking to top up. Thanks Paul
  8. Hi CLT Thank you for the info of the purchase. Unfortunately it doesn't work for Diesel engines. How can I check the crankshaft and camshaft sensors? Is it a DIY job or garage job? I was just thinking, when the garage replaced the glow plugs months ago; they said it was a tricky job in getting them out as there was rust so they lubricated them to get them out. Could they of pulled a fast one and only replaced a couple of them? Or can they really of burnt out again. Hopefully I can do the crankshaft and camshaft sensors :) Paul
  9. Name: Citroen C8 (2003) Date Added: 23 June 2014 - 08:27 PM Owner: PaulLeonard Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  10. So sorry all I will start again from the beginning When the engine is cold, it doesn't start up. There is no pre-heater light coming on either :( When the engine is hot, it doesn't start up. No pre-heater light again. If I have the chance to park the car at my favourite spot (on the hill round the corner to my house) then I will. For my own vehicles security, I would rather it be parked outside my house. No smoke comes out as far as I am aware. I didn't mean to sound like I was in a huff. Just annoying that I cannot start it the usual way most people do. :) Thanks Paul
  11. Hi Paul As this is my one and only old car; I cannot compare to any other. (Apart from the VW Sharan which was a 13 plate and drove like a dream and only had it for 3 days) If I miss-gear then the car shuts down and you cannot restart it straight away. Even bump starting by going down hill doesn't work!!! I have to leave it 15 mins before I can roll it down the hill, that is if I broke down on one!!! If not, I have to get that easy start just to start it again. Thanks Paul
  12. Hi Paul Thank you for your reply. I did contact that guy that you told me about last week. He replied to me this morning saying that he was away till the 17th July. That's fair enough but I don't think I can wait that long. I don't mind the travelling so I might try someone else who might be able to help in the mean time. Is this an easy fix or easy diagnostic? I really just want this car to run smoothly (ish) over the Summer hols :) Thanks Paul
  13. Hi CLT If it isn't the pump, then that's really good news!! The engine turns over fast so it isn't the battery? That "reputable" garage said that the starter was loose so they tightened that up but still won't start. The SM was replaced quite recently. Earth leads i'm clueless about where to start with these, where is that located? I presume it has something to do with the battery. Do you know anyone down here who might be able to give me a quick diagnostic check? Thanks Paul
  14. Hi CLT Here are my answers to your questions When you bump start it does it fire straight up. ----- yes the garage should clear the codes for you itl cost them nothing---- they don't have the equipment. New garage will possibly charge. is yours a 8 valve or 16 valve---- Not sure, sorry is your battery turning engine over fast---- Yes, except today, I had a "Battery Charge Fault" Went shopping then Easy Started it and the fault disappeared. My car needs some serious help Thanks Paul
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