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  1. Well it's been done.... Took him about 2 hours and did cost me £70... He said there was a lot of air in the brakes and the bleeding screw snapped as he took it off! Although I can't fault his work, After I drove up and down the road for ten minutes there was still a strong smell of overheating, although the car didn't.... However this could be down to the fact I was "testing" the brakes. I did take it for an easy 15 minute drive around some quiet roads later and didn't get the smell. I am just off the couple of miles to work this morning and obviously the car is cold, so will see how I get
  2. Glad you mention if the caliper is seized this will be found whilst changing pads.... I don't believe I have ever changed the brake fluid in the nine years I have had the car.... Although that isn't to say my usual mechanic hasn't done it as I do recall I had new brake pads at some point, although possibly a number of years ago. So yes I will mention it to my new mechanic, even if it does add a few £ to the bill.... With all the rain we have had I wouldn't be surprised if there was water in something! I should mention the car was parked up for 6 weeks while I was away getting married an
  3. I am not questioning him! he says £70 I will pay that. He did say that was with labor costs too.... I hope it solves the problem... I am not 100% sure it is the cause of the problem... I think I may have other problems causing it... but for £70 I am willing to let him do the job. If it doesn't solve it then I will go to my usual mechanic, or scrap the car! Just the hassle of trying to find a new cheap runabout. I've had the car 9 years and apart from a few minor niggles, I've pretty much had trouble free driving from it. Not bad for the £500 I paid for it in 2005.
  4. Thanks for the reply and welcome to the forum. I watched the mechanic take off both front wheels, the passenger side disc moved free enough. But he showed me as he spun the drivers side and you could see the gap appear and disappear between the pads and disc. Also there was a slight piece missing on the pad drivers side. I was standing there as he phoned up and got a price for parts... I could then see him working out a price in his head and he quoted me £70 and said that included labour. I was as surprised as you with the price... I had thought double that at the cheapest to be honest. He
  5. I have a old 1994 Citroen ZX avantage. When I was driving the car felt like it was stuttering and pulling to the drivers side (I thought I had a puncture) and smelt like it was overheating, although it didn’t. Then when I put my foot on the brakes the pedal went straight down and the brakes failed without any warning apart from what I mentioned. Just had a mobile mechanic come out and he reckond the drivers side disc is warped and reckons that was the fault. he has quoted me £70 to change and new pads as well (I think this is reasonable?) However I am not to sure this is the problem
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