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  1. Hi Jabus and thanks for taking the time to reply. I was so happy with my Fiesta (which being a '97 model I had to reluctantly scrap due to rust) that I ended up going for another Fiesta, this time a 2007 model. It has been a good car and after reading about your issues, I am glad I didn't go for the C1 :rolleyes:
  2. Hey everyone, Had my heart set on a C1 for a while. Love the design, the compactness, fuel efficiency and generally how economical it would be to keep on the road. For me it seemed liked my dream car. Until I took one for a test drive ! I know it only has a 1 litre engine but I hoped that it would still be quite nippy. I just found it very unresponsive, juddery (is that a word?), and seemed like such an effort just to get it to 50 mph..(I currently drive a 1997 rust bucket of a Fiesta with a 1.3 l engine). Given all the positive reviews out there and my personal experience of regularly getting
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