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  1. Hi I know this is a very old thread bit I am experiancing a similar thing with my 2004 1.8 c5 . judder when pulling away unless I use higher than normal revs. Could mine just adjustment or a replacement clutch and if clutch should I have the flywheel changed as well (I dont know if it is dmf or single) Thanks Chris
  2. Hi all My first post here so hopefully someone can give some advice. I have a 2004 1.8 C5 and when pulling away the car feels like it is trying to stall almost like I am pulling away in 4th or 5th. The clutch does not seem to be slipping Thanks
  3. Hi all owned my 1.8 c5 for a year now and love it. Joined as I need some advice on the clutch but will post my question in the relevent forum. Hopefully get some useful replies
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