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  1. Fault found by mechanic to be loose/shorting wiring. Now all ok. Thanks for all the replies
  2. Thanks Paul H for your reply. Will proceed as you recommend when the old temperature decides to be more reasonable here. Will have a look at ebay now
  3. Thanks Rookie, have checked the brake fluid and topped up. No change. What a palava with the reservoir right under the valance. Got myself a glass turkey baster and clean new plastic pipe to do the job. Sorry paul h, I must be on the thick side today, didn't understand your instructions at all. Would appreciate if you could explain to this idiot again in words of one syllable. Thanks.
  4. I keep getting a phantom 'Handbrake on' alarm. This generates the red 'Stop' light and the red exclamation mark in a circle alarms as well as the beeper. The handbrake works all OK. and the footbrake is all OK. I have checked the handbrake micro switch and that is also OK. I have disconnected the wiring plug from the micro switch which makes no difference at all. I have tried connecting a short across the disconnected plug and this makes no difference. The written alarm on the centre console and the red alarms on the steering wheel panel only come on when the vehicle is moving forward which I
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