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  1. Thanks everyone bought the pins on ebay for £13 fitted good only problem now is having removed the pulley behind it is the timing cog but it says and it is floating, I presume that the pulley when tightened holds it from turning but that seems not ideal, can anyone confirm that is the case, nearly finished now.
  2. Removed head and had rebuilt after broken timing belt. Luckily a 2.2 petrol C8 2004. Now trying to put back together and need to remove crankshaft pulley, manual I have says undo 4 nuts but my pulley has 1 central nut, now need to know how to lock it to remove pulley and also where is pin hole for timing assuming this is flywheel end. Help please.
  3. I just purchased a C8 2.2 petrol 2004. The cambelt tensioner failed apparently at 15 miles an hour. Previous owner sold it to me cheap. Seems to be everything on net about 2.2 diesel engine but nothjing about 16v petrol. With the diesel engine valves parallel to piston so breaks rockers aparently I am assuming petrol engine probably more damage and probably engine rebuild, about to remove head any advise would be helpful. Possible damage wise etc.
  4. Name: Citroen C8 (2004) Date Added: 07 June 2017 - 09:46 AM Owner: DonL Short Description: 2.2 Petrol View Vehicle
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