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Intermittant Non Starting And Over Reving

Guest poftie

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Guest poftie

I'd love some advice as i'm really not sure whats wrong with my car. As the description says its a 1996 1.4 petrol ZX with 90k miles. I bought it about 2 months ago from a guy who had only done 8k miles on it since 2003.


Since i've had the car it has sounded great when ticking over and been a nice responcive drive. however from the start it would occasinally over rev while idleing. It would go from normal reving up to '20' on the rev counter. It does this repetitivly and shounds like i'm tapping my foot on the gas pedal but i'm not. Its always done it when the car is stationary and usually when its in gear but with the clutch down aulthough it does do it in neutral to. I has now recently started suddenly drastically dropping in revs to the point where the dash lights flick on as though it was about to stall but then last second it brings it back to more normal revs.


Its also now become an unreliable starter. It starts first time every time in the mornings. however with a new job i have recently gotten i come home in my 3 hour break. This means the car runs for 20-30 mins, then is left for 2 hours before i try to start it again. It is at this time when its often not starting. It is like the engine is flooded, but having been left for 2 hours with no running it shouldnt be flooded.


If anyone has any idea i'm going to be having a more car savvy person have a go at doing the basic things (spark plugs ect) on friday. and we can also have a go at anything that anyone might suggest.


Any help greatly appreciated. :)

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