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Indicators & Brakes

Guest alan f

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my daughter has just had a mot fail on her 95 1.4 zx front repeater indicator not working & 1 rear brake down on power, how do i remove the indicator from the front wing to change the bulb, also to remove the brake drum do i just need a large socket + extension bar + loads of grunt.


thanks alan

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Guest Colin Hunter

Hi Alan.


To remove the repeater indicator simply push the unit towards the front of the car and it will come free. Lift the rear part of it with a thin bladed screwdriver (Cover it with insulating tape to avoid scratching the paint) at the same time and it will come out. The bulb holder should come free with a 1/4 turn.


The rear brake drum is removed as you said by removing the hub nut. The nut is "staked" into a recess on the axle and this should be knocked out with a punch before undoing the nut. When my sons car failed for the same reason it turned out to be a weeping wheel cylinder which had contaminated the linings. I changed the cylinder, but as the linings weren't particularly worn I resurrected them by flashing the fluid off them with a blowlamp. (advice from garage!). That was 3 years ago and they're still OK! It may be that, or that the adjusters have seized or worn out. When you do the nut up again put on the longest bar you have and "Dance" on the end. (again advice from garage!)


Cheers. Hope this helps. ;)

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