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Hi Guys, First post here so be gentle!!! I have a K plate Aura 1.9 diesel, it just keeps going and going as they all do. Only gripe is the rev counter is playing up. It comes to life briefly every now and then- only ever for a few seconds. It's as if it's not connected properly, so my question is this- is it a similar connection as the speedo (i.e 4 sided cable) and if so where do i find it in the engine bay, I've found the speedo but not the rev counter.

Any help would be appreciated people! :) Cheers, Mike.

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Guest Colin Hunter

The tacho is electronic and is driven from a TDC sensor on the flywheel. Look up under the car between the engine and the bulkhead and you should see it. (I think) If it's not there follow the engine/bellhousing joint around until you do. It should just be a case of cleaning up connections to get it going although it's possible the instrument itself or it's pcb may be faulty.


Cheers. Hope this helps. ;)

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Problem now resolved! Thanks Colin, I cleaned up a connector LHS engine bay (facing the car), below the strut housing next to the washer tank.

The rev counter is a bit wayward but at least it moves all the time now- it's just nice to have it working- sort of! :unsure:


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