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Alternator And Fuse Help

Guest elation2

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Guest elation2

i recently got problems arising from my car, the faults are:

- the back wiper doesnt wipe but the water works

- the front wiper works but when u push it down to do one wipe u have to hold otherwise it will stop

- the cd player is getting power becuase it flashes but it wont turn on to play music

- the battery light doesnt work when u click the key once nor twice and even when u have the engine idling but once u rev the car and the revs drop back down the battery light comes on


these problems i was told that are all to do with the alternator or maybe some blown fuses


please help me this is my project and ive built it from a peice of junk, these are the only things form stopping it being normal again

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what voltage is the battery reading ( engine off ) it should be 12.5, with engine running it should read 14.5 if its not and below 12.5 the alternator brushes are stuffed.


the wiper thing is probably the stalk on the steering wheel column and the contact might need cleaning ( dielectric spray is good ) from maplin its used to clean computer boards

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