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  1. in most cases the sensor has to be broken to get it out due to corrosion, Is a sensor with a resistance of 2000 ohms likely to be working? no.
  2. the fuel filter is in the center of the engine in front of glow plugs 2&3,
  3. unfortunately no unless you go for a specific diagnostic tool like airbag/ABS breaks/emissions, memoscan do them but the price has to taken into account and not cheap. most handheld diagnostic tools only do the engine and tranny and the emissions system has its own ECM but if the fault puts the engine warning light on memoscan will turn it off ( 2001- and 2004- for diesel.
  4. has it got the factory radio? if not it could be the CAN wire off so no way to connect to the port.
  5. that link isn't anything to do with that I checked it out ( you checked it out when you were logged out ) or your computer is infested :unsure: .
  6. all the answers have been given and best yet is coastlines iodea. "dont fix what aint broken" test the old one first!.
  7. nice picture there mate and shows lack of interest what goes on under the bonnet ( you look after it and it will pay dividends and longevity ) you can eat your dinner of my engine lol.
  8. many moons ago I made my own and used the old one as a template and use whatever colour that took my taste.
  9. answered on you last post.
  10. check the vacuum pipe is connected, places to buy are ebay dealer breakers eurocarparts.
  11. Wheel speed sensors Preparatory conditions Check wheel bearings for excessive play. Adjust or replace as necessary. Check wheel speed sensors for mechanical security. Inspect wheel speed sensor rings visually for damage and cleanliness. Checking air gap Technical Data Air gap Not specified No adjustment of wheel speed sensor air gaps is possible. Checking resistance - front - Technical Data Terminals Wheel speed sensor Resistance 1 & 2 Left hand 1000 W approx. 19 & 20 Right hand 1000 W approx. Ensure ignition switched OFF. Disconnect ECU multi-plug. Check resistance between harness mul
  12. ok so you need to check at the connector from the ABS ECU for the resistance of each sensor back and front, the plug to the ECU is 25 pin front driver side ( UK ) you give no info on what/where/engine side/age of car so ill go for UK spec on a 1.6 1999 front driver side is pins 19 and 20 and resistance for all sensors are 1000 ohms passenger front = pins 2 and 2 rear passenger side = pins 5 and 6 rear driver side = pins 22 and 23
  13. the connectors are either in the wheel arch or just inside the bonnet near the suspension struts, when rotating the wheel and a multi meter back probing the leads they should give aprox 0.1 volts fluctuating.
  14. my pug uses the same tranny and not a single problem in 84k " touch wood " lol.
  15. I would agree with randombloke here it does sound like the slave cylinder leaking because you lost the gearing in such a short time ( I doubt its a clutch fail because of that ) but as its inside the gearbox you might as well fit a new clutch because the tranny has to come off. a couple of pictures of the slave cylinder here. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...%26tbs%3Disch:1 http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...%26tbs%3Disch:1 if im wrong though and its an external slave cylinder then the tranny doesn't need to come off
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