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Clutch And Manual Transmission

Guest Hessu

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Hello there!


I have ZX 1.8i -95 manual and I have a little problem with it:


The motor has begun shaking a little bit when driving normally. It doesn't do it always, but usually when driving with too high gear on and trying to throttle. Today I made some tests, when I was parked. No gear selected and motor on idle speed, I pushed clutch forward and released it fast. I felt that car tried to go little bit forward. It was like a tiny poke. I made it couple times and then it just didn't do it again, but when I release the clutch too fast, car begins to shake, but when I push the clutch again, it stops. When I release the clutch slowly, it doesn't shake. =D My tests were on idle speed.


Tomorrow I will check transmission oil level and so on, but if somebody have had these problems before, would be nice to know before I blow up the clutch and transmission.


Sorry about my bad english. :rolleyes:


- Hessu

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