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  1. your running on 9 year old suspension fluid. it losses it viscosity and starts to compress and allow the car to sink. seem to remember lds fluid has a 4 or 5 year lifespan. change your fluid 1st
  2. you can just join the wires to the cars wiring harness . the dedicated socket is just to make things easier
  3. to stop it happening again look under the scuttle panel above the gearbox. you see the drain hole. If your luck the rubber pipe will still be there if so reroute it away from the box. if not then make one and reroute it away from the box
  4. you got to give things time to work. also if it has been the egr stuck open then everything will be caked in gunge from the exhaust gases. So a good clean out of all the pipes is needed. live data will show you if the timing is out cam/crank synchronization so no need to strip it down
  5. that sounds like a plan. Maybe a tin of injector cleaner aswell
  6. I dont mean permanently, just to test it is the egr. if its not that then its £200 wasted
  7. you can get to the linkages very easy on these van . If you look at your scuttle panel under the windscreen you will see that the drain plug for it comes out on top off the gear linkage. Cover the linkages with wd40 dont be scared of it and really soaking it then start working the lever in neutral. then more wd the work it till it becomes free then plenty grease to keep it clear
  8. do as paul mentioned and blank it off to see if it cures it. if it does then youve saved £200
  9. You need to get the car plugged in to a diagnostic that supports live data. take the van for a run and bring the misfire on whilst the live data is recording. . now comes the fun bit get a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich and go through the live data frame by frame. one of the settings will drop suddenly and then go back to normal and that will be your fault. experience has show that in most cases its the crankshaft sensor on its way out . but if not then the answer is definitely in live data
  10. The seals in the center of the hdi pump are prone to failing on these
  11. A solus pro should be able to do this. go into special functions and it should be there. Providing your solus software is up to date with the car. for a 2010 car you need to be on 10.2 and above.
  12. depending on the year of the bus. some of the newer models you need to go into climate control menu and link the air con to the heating system so it turns on and off with the temperature settings
  13. got the instructions for this in the garage will get them today for you and post them. have you tried the activation code
  14. if they are rotation tyres check that they have been put on the correct way round
  15. As long as it dosnt leak then it will pass as its on the low pressure side. these clips arnt th best design in the world ad whenever we have a bonnet open we always give them a squirt of wd40
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