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  1. The STOP light should flash for a short while after starting, for about ten seconds, indicates that the 'accumulator sphere' at the front of the engine bay is in good health.
  2. Citoren have very handily put a drain plug on the radiator on the Xantia. As you stand in front of the engine, it is down to the right. Connect a bit of hose onto that. Remove the expansion tank cap. There is a vent on the themostat housing. Unscrew that to aid the old anti freeze in draining. Once the system is fully drained, flush it through with hot water preferably. Buy an anti freeze that is ready to pour in and check that it is one suitable for the HDi engine. You need at least -25c liquid. Close the drain plug on the radiator and pour in the fluid carefully into the expansion
  3. I managed to change my diesel filter, but it isn't an easy job. There is a special tool for Bosch HDi filter housings to unscrew the top. I used an oil filter wrench, but struggled a bit getting grip. Yes Hayne's is a bit over the top regarding the cleanliness. Just be sensible. The most important thing after the filter is inserted into the housing, is to prime or top up the new filter with diesel fuel before you put the top back on. Further prime the system by turning on the ignition once after attaching the pipe from the tank, which activates the fuel pump. Put a large rag under the filt
  4. I am afraid you are looking at a new clutch assembly. Get one on EBAY cheap and find a mate who is a good mechanic who can do the job
  5. Yes no handbrake turns with the Xantia. The handbrake works on the front wheels
  6. Thank you very much. The picture is very useful. Just one last question. Where is the hand primer? Cheers
  7. Thanks. Car going in tomorrow morning for the job.
  8. I have a 2000 Xantia 2.0 HDi Forte. I have no idea when the diesel filter was last changed. I have heard that this can be a tricky job and debris can damage the fuel pump if dislodged. Anyone changed theirs? Is it a DIY job?
  9. The handbrake cable to the right front wheel has snapped. Is this a big job and should I replace the LHS at the same time? Thanks
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