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  1. Thanks paul, I'll feel safer keeping the steel bolts in the boot along with the locknut socket, if i should get a puncture Thanks again
  2. The steel bolts fit the steel spare. I got a tyre fitter to put it on to check it would, it was him who pointed out that the alloy bolts don't go flush in the steel wheel,you can see in photo 2 the alloy bolt not able to drop into the steel wheel.
  3. Sorry 1st is the steel bolt 2nd is the alloy it's the way they were placed in this my post
  4. I have just bought a CITROEN c3 1.2 PURE TECH FEEL 2019 , It came with an inflator foam kit , but i prefer a spare wheel so i bought a full steel wheel & tyre to use as a spare, but i was surprised to see that the alloy bolts on the car can't be fully tightened on to a steel wheel , i had to buy steel bolts from dealer which fit perfectly . see photos, 1st photo alloy bolt not seated properly in my spare steel wheel 2nd steel bolts i had to buy from dealer ( fits flush ) in steel wheel 3rd photo both bolts sitting in my spare steel wheel ( you can see the difference )
  5. Hi paul , iv'e sent away for a piggyback online with the correct blade size ,so i'm confident i should be able to get the dash cam up & running , i mentioned in this post a problem with my spare wheel ,but decided to do a seperate post for that with photos ,
  6. Cheers Paul, I'll get back to you,
  7. Iv'e found some breakout wires which are classed as standard blade & not as regular blade as i first thought ,
  8. I believe the fuse piggyback i'm looking for is a size regular i can't see any online ,
  9. I have been checking the fuses today & in the photo it looks like the middle fuse is live but not used going by the online manual, i'm not used to using the bigger fuses so can i get the bigger piggyback no problem or if i buy the Halfords cable is that the bigger fuse ,thanks,
  10. Paul there is no live fuse spaces on that board , the ones you can see either side of that board are dead . also the air bag switch won't budge , so if i go ahead with the glovebox i'm hopeing there is enough play in the cables
  11. The heavy clusters of cables across the fuse access, make it impossible, that's why I was wondering about takin the glovebox off, I'm a bit worried about that air bag switch that's in the way, if i have enough cable play at the back of the switch.
  12. i think my only option is to remove the glovebox, only thing is there is a passenger air bag switch in the way ,do you think this would be a problem
  13. FOUND the other fuse box they are buried away at the back of the fuse box in the photo , don't think i'll be able to fit a fuse for my dashcam ,looks near impossible ,but we will see ,
  14. there is no spare fuse spaces either end of this fuse box just empty yellow plastic i pulled 1 of the existing fuses & could see shiny metal indicating a connection but nothing like that either end ,there surely must be another fuse box somewhere inside the car, the one i posted in the photo has only 2x10amp 1x30amp 2x40amp ,unless the rest are all under the bonnet ,
  15. thanks paul , i'll try putting the pigyback cable in one of the spares fuses & see if the dashcam will come on .
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