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  1. I don't know whether the C5 electric parking brake is like a C4 Picasso, but on those stop the engine, switch on the 'ignition' without starting the engine, operate the brake switch with your foot on the footbrake. Switch off the ignition.
  2. If the battery is OK t sounds like an issue with the starter. Check all the wires and connections at the battery, the starter motor cable and the earts. if these are OK, then it may well be the starter itself.
  3. I took my C3 key to a local locksmith who sorted it for me for £20.
  4. Really? It only applies the brake and releases as soon as you start to move!
  5. For the cruise control, try spraying the control wheel with switch cleaner (not WD40) Also try moving the wheel up and down and in and out. This costs little and has been known to work.
  6. If you have only done 14000 miles in 6 years, a diesel isn't the ideal vehicle. What type of driving do you do? If it is local and short trios, it is likely that the particle filter is blocking/blocked with soot as the exhaust doesn't get hot enough to burn off the soot particles. I would suggest that you get on a motorway or dual carriageway and drive the car for a minimum of 15 minutes to try to burn off any soot.
  7. I had a 2.0HDi C4 Picasso with an EGS box. Although many people call them 'automatic' the gearbox is a 'piloted manual'. There is no torque converter and no eletrovalves. Changing the gearbox oil will be unlikely to change the way the box performs. Due to the way it is set up these gearboxes have difficulty dealing with speeds below @10mph. You need to adapt your driving style to suit the gearbox. Don't 'floor' the accellerator whilst it is in 2nd gear. If you need to be sure of a reasonably fast getaway, use the controls to select 1st gear.
  8. It wouldn't be a 5 seat Grand, because, as far as I know' they were never sold in the UK.
  9. You could also check whether the pipes behind the driver's side headlight as getting cold. In my case, the pump appeared to be running, and no leaks found, and the culprit (I'm told) is a failed compressor.
  10. On c4s, pattern filters have been know to disintegrate internally, causing loss of oil pressure. It just isn't worth fitting a cheap one.
  11. It is extremely tricky to retro-fit items like this. The loom may be in place, but unless the BSI is aware of the equipment it is unlikely to work. It may be possible to change the settings via diagbox. In general I would say don't bother trying to retro-fit. If you really want a piece if equipment the only realistic way of getting it is to buy a car with it aleady fitted.
  12. What do you mean by 'never comes on'. It should illuminate during starting, but not during normal driving.
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