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Help Changing The Front Bendix Callipers?

Guest deSpaniard

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Guest deSpaniard

Hello all, I'm a newbie to both motoring and car maintenace and in need of some assistance with regards to my ZX 1.9 D (Non Turbo) 1997. I have been faithfuly getting help from the web and a Haynes manual, but have recently come acropper! I have had very spongy brakes on the old ZX with a juddering motion comming form the front nearside, which after some reading leads me to believe that this caliper is sticking and causing the brake fluid to travel back up the pipe, hence the juddering? Does this sound like a reasonalbe diagnosis? Any way I tried to initially bleed the brakeds to get rid of some of this spongy brake pedal and you've guessed it, even after soaking the nipples with WD, I have managed to snap both of them off!


So I have decided to replace both the font calipers in the hope that I will be able to eradicate this judder and firm up the brakes on this great car! But alas I cannot find a 'how to guide' anywhere, not in the Haynes manual (which seems to refer only to Girling brakes) or via a site on the web!


Also I am wondering weather I need to renew any other parts aside from the callipers. I have already renewed the front discs (non vented type) and the all of the shoes/pads both front and back when I got the car on to the road!


All help would be greatly appreciated! And many thanks in advance! D

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Did you have the juddering before you renewed the discs? You can tell whether or not the caliper is causing the brakes to bind or not by jacking up the wheel and turning it, first with the brake on, then with it off. If the brake is binding, there won't be much difference in ease of turning.


My 306 is very similar to a ZX so chances are calipers are similar. To remove the caliper, take out the brake pads, noting the way the springs fit. Undo the brake hose and remove the two bolts holding the caliper to the swivel hub. Bolts may or may not be torx bolts. Lift away the caliper and the mounting plate.

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