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I have just got an XM.. i know about all the expence of servicing and electrics etc... however, she is really bouncey down bad roads... just getting to grips with understainding how it all works, as far as i can see all the suspensions is connetced via fluid and has gas in each of the 5 or 6 spheres.. now, if its too bouncy would that be due to a lake of fluid, gas or both?


has anyone got any info might help me?

Does anyone know of any good part web sites (appart from GSF and Euro car parts)?


I do have c/l problam, i dont think the MPG works very well and my heater cosole is all electirc ( :blink: ) and not working. but everything else works fine!




Arm rest (yes electric too)


All lights everywhere...


So if anyone has anything useful for me.. on suspension i would be greatly apriciative.





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You should have a sight glass on top of your LHM reservoir. The gold ring should be between the two red marks. If it's low down, put in some more LHM. Check your spheres by having the engine running, then pressing down on each corner. You should be able to push it down about six inches. Next, move the height lever from low to high several times, waiting for the car to reach correct level. It might be that you have sticking height correctors. A spray with WD40 will free them up.

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usual thing that causes bouncy ride at normal ride hight is some or all of the spheres have lost there nitrogen(gas),i buy all of my spheres for mine and my customers cars from GSF (not the recon one)just the new AMTEC ones,GSF usualy know what they are talking about,also to check hydraulic fluid level put car up on its highest setting on level ground,wait for it to settle and with engine still running the yellow disc at the top of the float is the level indicater(not the gold one),which is ment to be between the two red bands on the clear plastic dome,the gold (copper)disc just conects thecontacts in the bottom of the dome when the fluid is to low to put the warning lamp on

regards malcolm

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