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Oil Leak Following Clutch Change

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I have a 2006 Aygo 1.0L petrol that had a new clutch last week. However, it developed an oil leak shortly thereafter. Just a few CCs a day. What concerns me is that it may be transmission oil which I can't easily top up. I want to go back to the garage, but I'd like an opinion on where the oil is coming from first - i.e. is it from a badly fitting/incorrectly installed seal during clutch installation or something else entirely. I have put up a picture here and would be very grateful for opinions.



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Welcome to the forum.


Engine and gearbox oils have a different smell and usually engine oil goes black whereas gearbox oil normally stays a golden colour. You can check the smell against a bit off the engine dipstick. Also check the brake fluid level is not going down since if the clutch is operated hydraulically it will take the supply from the brake fluid reservoir.


If the oil is dripping out of the bellhousing and it is black, it is most likely engine oil leaking passed the crankshaft oil seal - was this seal replaced when the clutch was replaced which would have needed the flywheel to be removed ? If it was not touched then it would not normally then start to leak, but if it was replaced then maybe it was damaged or is not properly in place or maybe it was not greased/oiled before fitting so that it wore out as soon as the engine was used. Seals on the gearbox are not often replaced when doing a clutch unless they were leaking but Citroen's procedures say if there is oil on the clutch, as well as the crankshaft seal, the clutch thrust bearing guide should be replaced.


Whatever the cause of the oil leak it will need fixing, otherwise the oil could get on the clutch and it would need replacing again as it is then likely to judder when letting the clutch pedal up.

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