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  1. If you do go for a hybrid, you need to put in the effort to keep charging it up, our neighbour does not bother with his. You will also need to get a cheap electric tariff at home but the way electric prices are going it can easily cost more per mile than using a diesel making the overall hybrid motoring very expensive including the high cost of the car. When I have looked at electric use cars they typically give 2 miles per kwh. If you end up using the petrol engine it is worse than diesel for global warming due to the poor mpg.
  2. If not already done, you need to check everything done during the replacement to see if anything has been missed such as an electrical connector or earth wire.
  3. If sucking air in through the exhaust that might suggest an exhaust valve is not fully closed when a piston is going down. You could do a compression test to check. The timing might also be out so the cam shaft is not in the right position. If it has a timing belt and not a chain, it ought to be due for renewal soon based on 10 years and if you are planning on keeping the car there is no need to wait until 10 years to replace it. Timing chains do wear and on our 2010 C3 1.4 vti it was worn out at 50k miles so if you have a chain it does not mean it lasts the life of the engine - that started g
  4. Our 2010 C3 1.4 vti petrol used a lot of oil. We got it at 12k miles and it was like that already - if your car only started using a lot last year then there might be some damage causing it and a compression test might highlight something. Our C3 timing chain also wore out by 50k miles so it was replaced with a Cactus diesel. We've had no bother with Citroen diesels, it is a pity they are stopping using them in their new range of cars so I suspect we will not be buying any of them. Our 2015 C4 1.6 hdi was replaced with a Peugeot 308SW 1.5 hdi which ought to keep us going for some time until we
  5. I do not know but a search on the part numbers given suggests the first one is for a car with self levelling lights but nothing has been noted for the second.
  6. Are the replacement spark plugs the correct ones from a Citroen dealer ? They are probably platinum ones which are quite expensive. Is the problem the bad spark plug is burning out or getting covered in carbon. The former can be the result of too lean a mixture and the latter too rich. Have you tried a Citroen dealer to diagnose the problem and have any other parts been replaced to try to fix the problem ? Some info on spark plugs https://www.peugeotforums.com/threads/spark-plugs.342030/ Something to read including the links in it, it looks as if a single spark plug problem migh
  7. You can download the Citroen price list and specifications for all their cars which includes weights and mpg apart from hybrid mpg since it takes account of the battery. https://www.citroen.co.uk/tools/request-a-brochure---price-list.html
  8. I have not used a hybrid but the petrol or diesel cars I've used to tow a caravan typically would give about 66% of the mpg compared to not towing. So if not towing gave 45 mpg, then towing would give about 30 mpg for a diesel but a petrol giving about 35 mpg normally would give about 24 mpg towing. This can vary depending on towing conditions - if into the wind or lots of hills then the mpg would be even worse. Going fast also gives worse mpg so 60 mph can use 10% more fuel than 55 mph. This report on the C5 hybrid gives about 33 mpg on petrol and up to 25 miles on electric. It does not
  9. How many miles has it done ? Did it start doing this before the injectors were replaced ? Have you checked if it is coolant leaking in in case the head gasket has failed ? Otherwise it could be diesel from possibly the dpf regenerating or the piston rings are not sealing or the injectors are leaking. When the diagnostic was done was the fuel pressure checked on live data before starting the engine - if low it could indicate if the injectors were leaking. A full diagnostic would be able to check if the dpf is being regenerated too frequently and if the dpf is blocked and due for replacemen
  10. What age is the car and mileage ? I assume it is a 1.0 petrol. Is the servicing up to date such as spark plugs, air filter, cleaning of the throttle plate to remove any carbon build up ? Are the engine mountings in good condition - look at them for any perishing of the rubber and also see if the engine can be easily rocked by hand without it running. You could check the engine inlet for any air leaks between the air flow meter (MAF) and the cylinder head. If there were then there might be a fault code and the engine management light would come on. A diagnostic at a Citroen dealer might help fi
  11. If the pump is running and there is water in the bottle then the pipes to the washer jets must be blocked. In winter this can happen if it is freezing weather but when it warms up the frozen water in the pipes would melt and I am sure this will have been checked by now. It is more likely the washer jets are blocked though so you can check this with a pin by poking it in the washer jets and then seeing if water comes out. You can also disconnect the piping to see if water will come out. I have read cases where the tank outlet has blocked with mould but since the pump has been replaced this woul
  12. You can look up the parts numbers on this site but there seems to be several different ones which might mean you need to get the part for your car from the identical model rather than just going for a used one off any old car https://www.ilcats.ru/citroen/?function=getParts&model=1CA8&body=B0DAD&engine=B0F6Q&group=FCT0100&subgroup=FCT0101&subsubgroup=FCT0104&part=023007743501A&language=en
  13. paul.h

    Bsi Reset

    Do not be too quick to do this since the bsi needs time to shutdown before disconnecting the battery. So the key should be removed from the ignition, the bonnet opened and any other doors closed. Then wait a few minutes before disconnecting the battery. Once it is reconnected wait a few minutes before doing anything.
  14. I could not really tell anything from the noise. Is the replacement starter identical to the old one ? Did it make it before the starter was replaced ? If not then you might need to refit it and see what happens. You could also try to listen to see if it might be coming from somewhere other than the starter. Possibly try turning the engine over by pushing the car in say second gear (with the engine turned off) and listening. If you do remove the starter check if it is slightly touching the flywheel.
  15. If they are all related then maybe they share a common earth point that has rusted. As a test you could try an earth wire direct to the light since that might be the easiest to access. At the light if you have a ohm meter you could check the resistance between the light negative side and the bodywork which could also check for a good earth.
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