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  1. Before replacing the parts did you do a diagnostic check to show they were at fault, if not it might be a good idea to do a check before replacing any more parts. Possibilities could include an injector problem, other fuelling fault, blocked air filter, MAP sensor, badly worn engine (how many miles has it done ?), EGR valve opening when it should be closed, vacuum pipe leak, maybe a turbo problem.
  2. For now I would not get one of those head gasket gas checking kits, I think it is most likely the water pump is the problem and the kit would be a waste of money. The pump leak will probably get worse so if using the car take a bottle of water so you can top up the level before each trip.
  3. Sounds like coolant to me. Coolant can be any colour - red, clear, green, blue - just depends on the manufacturer and the colour does not mean whether it is an old type or a newer OAT type. At that end of the engine is the water pump and these do not last but would normally be replaced when the timing belt is replaced which is usually a mileage or 10 years if sooner. When the pump bearings wear the seal on them starts to leak out coolant. If it is the water pump I would get the timing belt changed at the same time when it is replaced since at 14 years old it will be at least 4 years into the b
  4. I would imagine any high mileage vehicle needs to be checked for wear, the suspension, brakes, steering, engine could all be worn out. It might be an idea to get a professional check on the vehicle. In the UK (I do not know where you are located since you have used km for distance) there are annual MOT checks that would pick up wear in suspension/brakes/steering but not the engine. I would do a diagnostic check to make sure there are no hidden problems and make sure all the electrical items work and the air con if it has it. If the van is from a dealer you should get a warranty so if there are
  5. I should have asked what year and model is the car. If it is a 1.6 hdi these have a reputation for turbo failures and if not found early can lead to engine damage needing a new engine. These need annual (or 12k miles if sooner) oil/filter changes with the Citroen recommended oil and filter.
  6. I would check it with a Citroen dealer since I suspect normally it might suck in air if the dipstick is pulled out and then possibly give a fault code. How many miles has it done, it might be the piston rings are worn. When I had a turbo fail smoke blew out of the oil filler cap and the exhaust smoked on a petrol Saab. A quick search suggests it is not normal.
  7. First thoughts are the cylinder head gasket has failed and needs replacing. Be prepared for a bill of hundreds of pounds at a garage. I would not use the car again until it is fixed since the cylinder head may warp and need additional work or replacing.
  8. If the seats need recovering I think Citroen sell the covers, might be a bit expensive though.
  9. This is from page 150 in a handbook for the model to 2018 ------------------------------------- The system is activated or deactivated in the Driving menu of the touch screen. Select the "Vehicle settings" tab, then "Security" and "Recommended speed display" ------------------------------------------ If you can not find this then I would go back to the dealer or a Citroen dealer if not bought from one.
  10. You seem to have 2 fault codes, scroll down to read the second (it shows 1/2 which means there is a second one). If you have not deleted the codes, have a look at the freeze frame data and write it down. It will give the sensor values when the fault registered and may help diagnose the problem. Then delete the codes (usually with the reader connected, the ignition on but the engine not running, then delete the codes and you can then start the engine). Use live data with the engine running to see what values the sensors are giving, particularly the fuel pressure to see if it is reasonable.
  11. You could try a breakers. This is an add on ebay for lights from a C5 estate, you could contact them to see if they also have the brake light. Searching on just the light though does not seem to come up with anything so a breakers may be the best option. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184462155963?epid=2109162190&hash=item2af2cd20bb:g:XEQAAOSwCH9fbbPe I had to replace the high level light on our 2007 C5 estate in 2012 and then from Citroen it was £46 so I can imagine it being twice that now. I did ours since it was full of water and when trying to remove the red lens I broke it. On the re
  12. I should have first asked have you gone through the heating menu to manually put the air con on but this can also be done by reducing the temperature down to the lowest value, from memory about 14°C using the temperature switches. If there is enough refrigerant pressure in the air con you should hear the compressor clutch clunk as it engages the compressor drive and then if there is enough refrigerant in the system it will keep going and the pipes will go cold. As well as the cabin fan being on, it also needs the engine radiator fan to run (it goes on and off as needed) so if there is a proble
  13. Welcome to the forum. I wonder if the OP managed to get a car, he has not been back since his post to let us know.
  14. You would think there would be no charge for an update that is needed due to Citroen's fault. As for charging twice to plug in the diagnostic machine which would also put in the update, does seem excessive. Maybe you could ask at another dealer or say just do the update. Personally I would not bother with the dab, I only seem to listen to radio 2 and then barely notice it when driving. If bought from a dealer, have you tried to get them to pay/do the work as part of the warranty or just since it is not working as it should when bought ?
  15. You can replace a leaking part yourself but to find out what is leaking, if anything at all, you have to go through the regassing process which extracts all the refrigerant, does a leak test and then if ok it will put in the correct amount of refrigerant, some oil and along with a dye that can be seen under UV light when checking for leaks. This requires special equipment and there are legal aspects to handling the refrigerant being a greenhouse gas. However, you can buy kits that let you put in some refrigerant but these can cost as much as paying for the job doing and if you have a leak it w
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